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Mar 5, 2008 01:23 PM

tasty q - awesome today

Have been scouting bbq recently and just went to Tasty Q for the first time(!) today. I was pretty blown away. Love the "ole hickory smoker" in the back, love seeing owner manning it. I ordered the "Lunch Special" which claimed to be one pork rib and 2 beef ribs -- with potato salad and baked beans. Although sign said no substitutions, when I asked for an extra side of collard greens (for 2.50), the woman said she'd include them as one of my sides. My plate came and it was absolutely nothing like what the sign said it would be. It was a HUGE plate of about 20 pork ribs (I was expecting 3), some largish, some really small (looking kind of like Thai spare ribs.) I got so into them, especially the small guys, putting the whole thing in my mouth and working all the meat off then spitting out the bones. And then some had no bones. And then I swallowed some bones. And it was all good -- so tender and juicy and just the right amount fatty and spicy and phenomenal. Beats by a long shot my last few visits to Phillip's, Porky's, JRs -- all places I like. And then the greens, some of the best I've ever had. Ordered a pint to go. Went out back and complimented owner on all the food. He told me he went to the vegetable market downtown at 6AM for two days in a row to pick those greens. He said a lot of meat was just about ready to come out of the smoker. He cut off a beef rib -- (none were on my lunch special). It was so good. Bursting with beefy juicy flavor, but crisp on the outside. And smallish, kinda like the small pork ones. All in all, a fabulous lunch.

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  1. How much was your lunch special?

    Which location did you go to? Google shows another location on MLK. TIA!

    Tasty Q Bar-B-Que
    2959 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

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        Props to tasty q also for monster platter orders perfect for sunday football etc....20-25 lbs (maybe literally) of ribs all kinds, sliced pork/brisket, chicken, links, rib tips(diff't cuts) and dowsed in yer choice of heat bbq sauce...also love the greens and beans with meat in -- and, old school, they send you home with a loaf of sliced wonderish white bread...we negotiate fifty dollar plates or hundred dollar plates...good spot!

      2. re: DiveFan

        I believe the MLK location just opened up. The Crenshaw location is the original.

      3. Is this the place that has a drive through? If so, I went about a yr ago, and was utterly disappointed. I didn't even want to finish the meal. Maybe an off day, but for 'Q I stick to Phillips.

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        1. re: mdpilam

          Bummer. My meal was excellent. Those small little pork ribs. (Are those known as ends? Because the ends at Phillips are not nearly as tender or fun to eat as these were-- maybe I just went on a great day)