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Mar 5, 2008 01:10 PM

Blue Dog Cafe - Cochrane - ???

I've heard many raves about this restaurant and would like to visit with my 12 year old daughter. I'm not sure if it is a lounge-type place or what kinds of food they serve. Can any hounders tell me if this restaurant would be suitable for a mature 12 year old to visit?

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  1. We popped in there for lunch once on the way home to Edmonton. Definitely appropriate. It is a quaint little cafe. Don't remember a ton about the food, I seem to recall at least decent. Nice patio.

    1. I completely agree with the previous reply. Just had dinner there with friends last Saturday. Great atmosphere, very friendly staff. Very impressive menu, especially considering you're in a town of what, maybe 5000 (not from the area...apologize if I'm off)? Definitely not your regular steak and burger place, although they might be on the menu as well. I had duck with a pepper-cranberry sauce that was perfectly done. Our table pretty much ran the gamut from mahi-mahi to a very impressive curry chicken. Nice dessert menu also: key lime cheesecake pie and chocolate confusion were very popular.

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        Cochrane is aproaching a population of 15000.

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          13,760 in the 2006 federal census- I'll bet it's actually passed 15,000 by now.

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          Does anyone know if this is the same Blue Dog Cafe as in Invermere BC?

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            No, its not. I was talking to the owners of the Cochrane owners and asked them the same question.

        3. This used to be a hot spot in Cochrane...but sad to say not anymore. The wait time for your drinks or food is ridiculous and the waitresses are so rude they make the customer feel like they are being an inconvenience to the staff!!! Don't dare ask for an order to go when you first arrive, as you will be told to ask for it later and when you do request the order you will be told that the kitchen is now closed...and not in a nice way. It used to be a great little place and could be once again if properly staffed.

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            SOO right! We use to love Blue Dog and would drive in from out of town to eat there, now we live in Cochrane and after the treatment we received the last three times (slow learner) we won't be back! It's usually the same waitress (I'm thinking manager) and she is so rude and so slow bringing drinks and food it's almost laughable. She actually yells at customers when they complain about the service! Also they have changed the menu, they took off all the favorites. Very little to choose from now. Such a shame!

          2. I think it would be fine for a 12 year old. Took my then 8 year old last summer. He had a big bowl of soup and a cheeseburger (a stripped down version of what was on the menu). He was more impressed than the rest of us. I had a different soup -- some kind of Mexian corn gumbo that was gritty. Perhaps the spices had been ground in-house and were not fine enough to dissolve. But it was like eating sand. The salads were much better.

            It was disappointing as we had detoured on our way to Banff to try it. Coffee was very good.

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              The place is up for sale, which by no means is an excuse for any of the complaints listed here, but it could be an explanation.

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                This is interesting. I know this post is over a year old but this cafe never did sell.

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                  Blue Dog Cafe in Cochrane was sold to new owners exactly one year ago.

            2. No problem for the 12 year old. I am a recent resident of Cochrane and can tell you that the food of late (November 2010) has been extremely good. My wife and I love it. In fact it is better than most of the restaurants in Calgary we have tried. Give it a whirl, don't think you will be disappointed!