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Mar 5, 2008 12:46 PM

Dining near Levittown

Will be seeing a comedy show at the Ramada in Levittown and driving from Fort Washington area via PA turnpike. Any suggestions of where to eat near Levittown or on the way when we exit the turnpike?

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  1. You could try Cafe Bombay if you like Indian. It's 233 Mill Street in Bristol Very close to where you are going. For Italian, Trattoria Giammarco's,8919 New Falls Road, Levittown. Slightly futher away but not enough to worry over. Both BYO. There are several more restaurants in Bristol, but I haven't been so I hesitate to recommend.

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    1. re: RUShue

      Thanks, Trattoria Giammarco might work well. I'd try Cafe Bombay but don't think the other couple likes Indian.

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        Trattoria Giammarco's is now closed. I wish I knew where they went. We very much enjoyed our meals there. The garlic rolls were wonderful. The breakfasts were ok, but the plates were not dressed especially well, very plain looking compared to their evening or lunch meals.

      2. Levittown is tough. If you like Vietnamese, Savor Saigon is quite good.

        My parents live in Levittown and I'm always looking for a good restaurant there and never have much luck. I think I'm going to give Trattoria Giammarco a try for my next visit.

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          Well, I hate to say this but I went to Savor Saigon a few days ago and the quality was not what it had been. Last went there about 6 months ago and loved it this time around the shrimp on sugarcane was removed from the cane and the dish was served sans cane -- when I questioned that I was told that they cooked it in "sugarcane sauce." huh? char-broiled beef not very char-broiled. Pity. Is this restaurant under new ownership?