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Mar 5, 2008 12:43 PM

Ultrafine silver or gold edible foil

I am looking for the ultrafine gold or silver edible foil used to garnish Indian sweets. Does anybody know where I might buy it?

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  1. Just did a google search and found this, Sarah. I hope it helps.

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    1. re: GaryR

      Wow! How did you find them? I have googled and googled and never found a Canadian supplier. Thank you!

      1. re: sarah galvin

        Happy to have been of help, as you were helpful for me on the "hard to find ingredients" thread. So thank you to you too!

      2. re: GaryR

        I just bought the gold foil! Silver doesn't show on their menu but maybe they have that as well. thanks

        1. re: sarah galvin


          Looks like this one isn't here but ships to Canada, though I think their shipping policy might be a little hard to take. However, they do have silver leaf as well as gold, so I thought I'd pass it along and leave it up to you.

          Good luck!

          1. re: GaryR

            They had a $40 minimum shipping charge! They can't get over the high Canadian dollar! How do you find all of these?

            1. re: sarah galvin

              Yeah, that's what I meant about their shipping policy. We must be punished for an improved dollar value! :) As far as the searches go, just lucky, I guess.

              1. re: GaryR

                My gold foil arrived. It is exactly what I was looking for. I make a nice cardamom ice cream and like to garnish with silver foil. Gold will work, just a lot more expensive! Thanks,

      3. I think I just found one for you. BakeDeco on sells silverleaf foils and flakes etc and says they deliver to Canada:


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        Edit: Just noticed the link I cut and pasted didn't work try:

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        1. re: maplesugar

          I just ordered the silver foil. The gold is $10 cheaper than the site found by Gary R. Too bad I bought so fast. Oh well! I will be well stocked!

          1. re: sarah galvin

            Good to hear, let me know how the order/delivery process went if you don't mind. If it goes well for you I just might spend less time driving and more time ordering online.

            1. re: maplesugar

              Hi Maplesugar,
              My silver foil arrived today. The cost seemed reasonable at $19.90 for 25 sheets and delivery at $18.42. I bought 3 pkg at 25@ But they shipped it UPS and I was charged duty, gst, brokerage from US and that added up to $38.07 so turned very expensive, too. It is exactly the same brand at the gold foil I bought from Chocolat Chocolat Inc in Montreal. I wish Montreal would stock silver as well and it would have saved me almost $40! I am stocked for a long time now! But it was easy and relatively fast - especially ordering within the country.

              1. re: sarah galvin

                Hi Sarah,

                Sorry the customs charges were so awful. I was just excited they delivered to time I'll look closer.

                I was looking around for local sources (Cookbook Co. came to mind but I got to wondering if there were others...) and PM Hobbycraft PM Hobbycraft 2020J, 32 Ave NE Tel: 291-2733 lists Cake Decorating supplies! Their website is under construction so I have no clue what all they carry but it just might be worth your time to give them a quick call.

                HTH :)

                1. re: maplesugar

                  You know, I now have a nice little stash and won't need more for awhile. Just would like some gold powder and will check Cookbook Co for that. C'est la vie! Can't take it with you!

        2. If you are in Vancouver then I suggest you try the following stores:
          1) Gourmet Warehouse 1340 E Hastings
          2) Urban Fare(Yaletown) 177 Davie
          3) Urban Fare(Coal Harbour) 305 Bute
          4) Meinhardt's 14th & Granville
          Good luck!

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          1. re: zipper

            thank you! Actually Meinharts is opening in Calgary one of these days.

            1. re: zipper

              In Vancouver, I've seen silver foil at some stores along the Little India strip (now known as "The Punjabi Market").

              1. re: fmed

                I don't think we have a "little India" strip. We have several Indian grocers, etc. but their fare seems to be limited. Also, am concerned about the purity of the foil. I have been reading and many suppliers are not concerned with purity.

            2. This may be far to late to help on your quest of March 5th, but rather than pay ridiculous postage, most cities and towns have a cake decorating supply shop. Nearly without exception they will have the gold foil, as well as gold powder, in stock. Silver may be hit or miss, but gold is pretty much standard. They are fascinating shops to snoop around in. Good luck!

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              1. re: Caroline1

                Thank you, Caroline. It is too late for now because I did pay those ridiculous prices. But I have since seen gold powder diluted in alcohol and spattered on a cake, and it looks fabulous. Was wishing I had also purchased gold powder. I'll look for such a shop in Calgary.

                1. re: sarah galvin

                  The last time I was at the cook book company I'm positive that I saw some towards the back of the store.

                  1. re: foxyfreckles

                    Really? I will definitely check. I have never seen it so didn't even think. Thx.

              2. The original comment has been removed