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Mar 5, 2008 12:13 PM


Going Sat. night. The menu sounds delicious. Anyone else been? Recs please?

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  1. Went last night. Definitely worth a try - the menu touches all the bases and is noteworthy for having enough choices including two soups (pea and parsnip on Saturday nite) that its possible to have an appetizer, soup and salad and not feel that you have missed anything for not having had an entree.

    I had the cheese (brie, blue and an aged goat) and salami/ham/pork loin starter and the duck breast. The cheeses were solid selections though the blue was likely too strong for many people to start their dinner with. The duck was very well prepared, seared on the outside with crispy fat and skin and fading to a nice medium rare center (dark pink). The accompanying grees and kumquat confit worked well as side and condiment. My wife had the pork belly with kimchi as a starter and prawns with couscous. The pork belly was awesome, correctly prepared - rich and soft without being greasy - and the kimchi was an unusual but well chosen condiment. The prawns were well prepared but the couscous fell somewaht flat as an accompaniment.

    They are still finding their way with deserts - the ancho chili chocolate mousse and chai creme brule are solid but can be found elsewhere at equal levels of quality.

    The wine list is a good start but is short and may be too French-focused for some. For my money this is a good thing since I'm tired of paying way too much for underperforming California wine when there are outstanding values in France, Spain, Portugal and Chile/Argentina. Wine pricing is more than fair - our $45 retails for $29-$32.

    1. Just had brunch there. Now, given that it's Easter Sunday they weren't slammed -- new restaurant and all that -- but the place opened at 11 and a lot of people came in for 11 am reservations. The kitchen couldn't handle it very well and we waited a long time for our brunch orders -- coffee was good, but refills were a long time in coming.

      The food was pretty good, although I had to wonder about serving a rabbit skillet with eggs on Easter Sunday -- I mean, really, cooking the Easter Bunny? Euwwe. All kidding aside the food was pretty good -- lobster and prosciutto Benedict, good pancakes, tofu Benedict, etc. Excellent smoked pheasant sausages and venison and blueberry sausages.