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Mar 8, 2002 02:34 PM

Zha Jian Mian in Monterey Park

  • j

I had Zha Jian Mian/Cha Jang Myun (noodles in black bean paste) in my teens and sorely miss this simple but wonderful noodle dish. Can anyone suggest places in Monterey Park (or Los Angeles for that matter) that serve this. Thanks.


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  1. Try either China Islamic Restaurant (Chinese Islamic? on garvey) or Deerfield garden in monterey Park. Just call them up and ask if they have it. And try Heavy Noodling, just to be safe.

    1. Try the the Mandarin House.3074 West 8'th.A thought...they sell their sauce at the Korean super,not sure of the name,corner of Olympic and Western Supermall.West side aisle to the right of the fried squid.j

      1. Let us know if you find a place that makes it well. It sounds good!