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Mar 5, 2008 12:12 PM

Wednesday night dinner specials

Can anyone suggest a great place to dine in the city on Wednesdays?

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  1. A quick start. I haven't looked at metromix in a while. They used to have daily specials listed across the city in a different format, but this is what I found in a few seconds:

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      Metromix has useful information, but it can be funky sometimes. The above link includes the specials classified as "restaurants - dining event" but omits specials classified as "restaurants - things to do". I know it makes no sense that some specials are listed as one but not the other! In any case, though, you can find the more inclusive listing (71 specials instead of 27) at

      I displayed this listing by going to the Metromix Restaurants page at and clicked on "View All Today's Restaurant Events" under the Calendar of Events.

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        Be careful with Metromix or, especially, RedEye daily specials. I always bring a copy of the RedEye with me whenever I go to a place based on supposed daily specials. The good ones (Beviamo on Taylor - $5 glasses of wine or Lizzie McNeils on St.Clair - $6 Guiness Irish Stew - - which was quite good, BTW) will make good on the "deal" when you show it in writing to them. The bad ones - - and I'm calling you out, Poag Mahones (for its alleged $3 nacho plate) - - will not. Not sure who to blame for this but I'll hang most of it on the RedEye. In all fairness, I like the Poag for its ahead of the curve smoke-free policy, a good blackened catfish sandwich and veggie vs. beef chili options. But the server and mgr who refused to make good on a RedEye special were not to be commended.

    2. The kobe beef hamburger at Sweets & Savories is $10 on Wednesdays (usually it's $17). The burger is toppped with truffle mayo and duck liver mousse, and it's ridiculously good.

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        The kobe burger is my new favorite -- I'd been waiting to try it for about a year, finally did, and now I can't stop thinking about it... The entire experience was great, start to finish, in terms of food and service. Appetizers and desserts were delicious, nothing special but very well-executed. Be sure to get a side of duck fat frites, too.

      2. Thanks all for your replies! Metromix just gives me SO many options that it's hard for me to sift through them for the good suggestions. And although I didn't make it to Sweet and Savories yesterday, I am going next week...Kobe burger sounds fantastic!

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          Yes, it's quite a long list. I think the best places on the list with specials that are not restricted to early birds are Bonsoiree, Bistro Margot, and Marche, in addition to Sweets and Savories.

        2. I haven't been there in about 6 months, but I wrote this review about La Mora on Roscoe:

          "Some girlfriends and I went to La Mora on Roscoe for dinner last night. Its a little bit of everything, italian, indian, bistro etc. I was very pleased with the service, the menu selection as well as wine list.

          The four of us split a pitcher of their house sangria, which was very good. It fills up 6 pint glasses, so the pitcher size was ample and I think that they charged us $39 for the pitcher, which was very decent seeing that a glass by itself was $9.

          Also on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays, they have a $24 fixed price menu for an appetizer or salad, main entree and dessert. Anything off of the menu applies with the exception of a scallop entree and a filet entree which would be $30 for the fixed price menu. The apps are $9, the salads are $7, most of the entrees are around $20 and the dessert were $7, so the fixed price menu is a great deal.

          The food was very good, and I would highly recommend this. The salads were great and I ordered the samosas. They could have been a meal in themselves. They are 3 large (fistsized) pastries and served with a coconut and a tamind chutney. 3 of us had the tandoori chicken breasts and one had the salmon. Both were wonderful. For desset, we had the tiramisu, the bananas foster and the warm hazelnut pastry dish. "

          I just checked the website and it is down, but you may want to call ahead and see if they are still serving their midweek $24 3 course special if you are interested:

          2132 W Roscoe St
          Chicago, IL 60618
          (773) 404-4555

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          1. re: CorinneM1

            Corinne, I think La Mora closed a few months back.

            1. re: Amata

              But where will I go when I want samosas AND bananas foster?!?! ;)

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                  Vermilion...that looks interesting, thanks!