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Mar 5, 2008 12:06 PM

removing leaves of brussell sprouts

Random question: used an awesome recipe that called for brussell spout leaves - you were to core and remove the leaves. I make them and they were awful tasty (sauteed with a little shallot, pistacios and lemon juice at the end) but it was a bit of a pain. I realized there has got to be an easier way - perhaps somehow removing the core. Any chowhounders have some sage advice? I would make this a regular side dish if it was a bit easier. Thanks!

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  1. I often just slice the brussel sprouts into thin slivers, discarding the core. Is this a sauteed dish? Bacon is also a wonderful addition to brussel sprouts (well, to anything!).

    1. I was hoping this would be a question about how one knows when to stop removing the leaves... I never know when to stop.

      I often just half or quarter them--but, I've never bothered to take out the core. I suppose that I should try that--then again, that's often what's left when I get done removing the leaves, since I don't know when to stop. (And, yes! sauteed bacon+brussel sprouts will tempt even the non-brussel sprouts lovers in our house...)


      1. What I do is to cut off about a quarter inch of the stem end and pull off the leaves. When they start to get hard to pull off, I trim another quarter inch and keep on going. But coring them sounds like a good idea. You'd need an awfully small, sharp paring knife though. Certainly worth a try.

        1. I was once at the James Beard House here in New York watching a chef and his assistants prepare dinner. And one of the assistants was tearing the leaves off a mountain of brussels sprouts. By hand. It looked incredibly tedious to me.