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Mar 5, 2008 12:03 PM

Dinner for 8 in Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/BK Heights

I would love any suggestions for a dinner (birthday) in those areas for a Saturday night. I love Bocca Lupo but think that that many people would be an issue. Does anyone have a suggestion?

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      1. re: unred

        Pano Vino has a good wine list and usually has a live jazz band on Saturday nights which may/may not work. IMO the food was fine and the space ample, especially in back. If you like French Quercy or Patois should be able to accommodate your group. In Carroll Gardens try Ferdinando’s for good old school Italian. We were there last Saturday and the table in back was celebrating a birthday with maybe 10 people. Only draw back is they close at 10:P.M. We also like Petite Crevette for fish, but it might be a little tougher to seat eight.

    1. Lucali on Henry for great pizza
      Em on Smith for excellent Thai

      1. frankie's 457 in carroll gardens. nice space in the carriage house and good for groups.

        1. I've done 8 at Bocca Lupo -- just let them know in advance that you're coming and try to make it either early or late in the evening. Frankie's and Chestnut would also be good options.

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            thanks - maybe I'll try getting in there, although Pacifico looks good too