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Mar 5, 2008 11:53 AM

"Dish" restaurant in Black Rock

Has anyone else tried this restaurant? It's on Fairfield Avenue in the heart of Black Rock (a few doors down from the new Ash Creek Saloon location). It's an unusual concept. Seating is at big tables of 8 people and the fixed price meal is served family style. Friday nights only and you must reserve in advance. We went a few months ago and enjoyed ourselves. The food was very good and the atmosphere was friendly. I see now that they are also doing breakfast daily and a "tapas" night on Wednesdays.

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  1. Just popped in on Sunday. Talked to the owner & chef and Wednesday nights are now out as they were competing with next door, though I can't imagine how that place is competition. I wouldn't ever eat there. So, now it's open for Friday night dinner only. One week is beef, another is chicken, and so on and so on, no veggie night though, which is odd given their Bloodroot ties.

    Love the atmosphere - totally hip and cool and so unexpected for this area. Like something you'd find in San Francisco or the city. Don't know about breakfast, maybe that's in the cafe section?

    Love this area, good places keep springing up, let's support them so it continues!

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      which place next door - Ash Creek? If so, don't rule it out. Not a gourmet meal, but excellent ribs and good burgers. Completely different place from Dish though so I would agree that it's hard to see them pulling customers from one another.

    2. I agree about the cool atmosphere at Dish. They did a great job fixing up the building and I love the decor with original artwork and bright, pleasing colors. The place is a real asset to the neighborhood. I'd hope they succeed. You have to admire them for attempting something so unique.

      Sorry to hear they are no longer doing Wednesdays -- I was looking forward to trying that.

      Anyone know what they're offering for breakfast?

      1. Do you mean next door is Helados? They actually have fantastic food and the gelato is amazing too! You can go in bring your own wine and get a great, cheap meal. The atmosphere is more open and like an ice cream shop but honestly, go check out the food there too. I have yet to try Dish, but my friends rave about it and their breakfasts.

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          Yes -- it's close to Helados Vazquez -- and I agree, HV is terrific! We also went there for a delicious and very reasonably priced dinner (we brought in our own beer). The gelato is great too.

          I need to get back to Dish for dinner one of these days. I'm sure the breakfasts must be great too. What do they serve?

        2. Sorry -- the link above to Dish's website no longer works. Here's the correct URL: