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OKI Sushi in Oakville

Has anyone tried OKI sushi In Oakville? It is located on Kerr Street. Was it comparable to Mye In Oakville? Your thoughts are appriciated!

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  1. if this is the place on Kerr I'm thinking of..it's not like Mye. It's more of a take-out counter place with very basic maki rolls..

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      OKI Sushi is very comparable to Mye in terms of quality and I think a little less expensive. Peter, who did front of house at Mye for years is running OKI and you can see the similarities and his effort to build on them. I've had one sit-down and two take-outs there and not sure why/when I'd go back to Mye even though its closer.

      Burlqurl, I think you're referring to the Sushi place acros the street from OKI (Senko?). I haven't been but I've heard its basic but good.

      If you go to OKI you have try at least once their S'mores desert. Yes, I know, I didn't realise either this was Japanese ;-) To Peter's credit, he does do a nice job on presentation and a it's a lovely and shareable conversation catalyst at the end of the meal.

    2. Wow, Great feedback! I will give it a whirl. Peter is very good at his job! What are your favourite Oakvlle area restaurants these days? I am in Lorne park and the restaurant scene in Mississauga is nothing to get excited about.Same old, same old. What is now in Tratorias old location on Lakeshore? Appriciate your feedback. Food Guy 905

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        Funny you should mention the Trattoria because the old owners, Elita (sp?) and her husband are backin the same location only it's now called Beccofino; website is www.beccofino.ca

        Not sure if you knew the story but the Trat's chef bought them out a few years ago but I believe they still oned the building. Regardless, they wanted to open up in the same location, he moved the Trat to the old Puck location in the AMC Centrum at Winston Churchill. I've heard the new Trat is doing OK, haven't been.

        Beccofino is as good if not better than the good old days of the Trat. Once again the hands-down best Osso Buco in Toronto. Elita still does front of house and is as classy and hospitable as ever. Her son and daughter-in-law are playing a more active role but a few familiar faces from the orginal staff. They did do a paint job but the same funky ceiling. Absolutely our facourite sit down in Oakville.

        If you like Indian, Coriander Green on Church just West of Allan is totally excellent. Harminder and Sheena took it over from the Jewel of India about 3 years back and they did a major reno. Great traditional vindallos and butter chickens etc but Harminder does a lot of specialty dishes with very complex tastes.

        I've been once to the Thai restaurant (Bahn Thai in the listings but I could swear it says Soon Torn on the front) in the square at George and Lakeshore (beside the Green Bean). The food was good-OK but it is a unique funky atmosphere and seems to be the spot fron GNO's. Great place to go if people watching is as high on your list as food that night.Salad Thai on Kerr is the best Thai in Oakville but it's small and the decor is plain. That said, take out service is really quick 10-15 minutes. If you're coming from Lorne Park call once you hit Lakeshore and if your order is ion by the time you get to Winston Churchill it will be ready when you get there.

        Hope this helps. I'd love to know if you've found great szechuan or Greek that will remind me of a good nght on the Danforth in the area.

      2. We used to go every week when I worked in Burlington. Best sushi in the area. Leave your business card and they will call you when the Uni is in....

        1. Oki is great! Peter was the greeter at Mye for many years and learned well from Moe. Now he's doing his own thing and doing it up well. It's about time there was another top notch sushi place in Oakville, to give Mye some competition - Moe was getting too complacent.

          1. had dinner there last night. exceeded my expectations. certainly would give Mye a run for their money, with slightly lower prices.

            peter as previously noted by other posters was very friendly and chatted up every table

            had tokyu fried chicken, perfectly fried greaseless nuggets with a mustardy dipping sauce.

            squid with quail egg, tobiko and uni was a great contrast in flavors and textures. their wasabi is quite potent, although it did not have the sweetness of the freshly grated "authentic" type.... not that I would expect too many places in North America to use it.

            yellowtail with jalapeno was fairly good, they ran out of fish and gave us a half portion. the crunchy garlic bits gave a nice contrast

            spicy seafood roll was well done, properly seasoned rice, balanced amount of fish vs rice

            uni hand roll as expected, the bite from the wasabi gave my nose quite a rush (partially my fault as i put more on than i should have!)

            next time we'll try their sushi and sashimi platters.

            nice balanced well priced wine list with a decent sake selection too.

            the owner is from hong kong, but he hired a japanese chef plus a chinese chef who lived in japan for years. i heard some of the conversations between the chefs reassuredly in japanese.

            1. I have serious doubt about any restaurant outside of Japan claiming to serve restricted, genuine 'KOBE' beef! In OKI's case, the skepticism carries even further since the price of their supposedly KOBE steak is only $58! ( At least Barbarian is charging $250 to make their version more believable! ). And to top it off, they first marinate the steak in garlic soya sauce and then serve the grilled steak with a 'lobster mushroom' sauce. This is a serious NO1NO! Any restaurants and steak house in Japan serving such prime beef will not use any sauce to cover up the taste of the meat let alone using such 'heavy' sauce as advertised! If a Japanese chef sees this shameful way of preparation of their beloved Wagyu, he'll most probably cry and perform Hari-Kari!

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                  It's more likely Canadian/American wagyu or wagyu-angus cross.

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                    On their menu, they claim to serve Kobe Beef. However, the price for a steak ( cut unknown ) is only $58! I once had a piece of the real stuff in Japan. An 8 oz striploin, grade A5, that costs around 25000 Yen or $300. Prepared plain with careful use of salt and broiled in a brick oven fired with special charcoal.. For that price, I doubt the OKI version is Japanese Wagyu let alone Kobe! Most probably tjr is correct!

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      I suspect the Chicken Little alarmism is out of place since there's apparently no regulatory standard to violate, hence no fraud. Anyone who knew beans about the stuff wouldn't be taken in. The cross-bred stuff is quite nice. I have expensive conceits but Kobe beef isn't among them.

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                        Well said Kagemusha. I sometimes wish that people on this board would only comment on restaurants that they have actually been to!!

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                          The purpose of this board is also to raise reader awareness as well as to provide a forum for those foodies who would like to provide valuable insight to others in cases that might be cause for suspicion. Not all chowhounders are expert gourmands and there are some who would love to listen to experience inputs by other fellow CHers.

                          In Oki's case, it is obvious from their 'advertised menu' on the web that a " hand massaged and Sake drinking Kobe beef steak" coating only $58 is 'too good to be true'!! Furthermore, even if their claim is true, their 'advertised' heavy handed preparation approach' to the steak is simply wrong. No decent Japanese chefs in his right mind would use heavy sauces to mask the unique sweet taste of this rare cut of beef! This is amounting to one adding Sprite to a glass of 1961 Chateau Lafite!!

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                              Totally agree with you! Of course the final decision still rests with the individual.
                              However, since Oakville is quite a drive for a lot of us and as member of this fraternity, I believe I have a duty to provide insight and forewarn fellow CHers about certain anomalies based on my culinary experiences. Nothing's worse than hearing from Chers who make special effort to drive out there in the hope of getting the 'real deal' and get a mega-disappointment instead! ( Although it would make for interesting reading! )

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                                No mention in this thread of OKI as a destination for Kobe beef.

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                                  Hopefully someone that has tried their beef steak will comment...perhaps its well worth the $58. price tag.

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                                    While I am getting tired of the whole Kobe beef issue cropping up here, one has to admit, looking at OKI's website, that their menu promoting the sake massages and beer diets their cows get in Kobe, Japan is a tad deceptive.

                                    And while we're at it, do you really want to be eating raw fish from a deceptive business? Really? This is the crux of the Kobe issue. How hard is it to label something as American/Canadian wagyu beef and educate the consumer as to its virtues?

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                                      Thats exactly my point! If they can be deceptive on the beef, they sure can do it with their fish! ( ref; the previous Tilapia thread! )

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                                        Gee, how quickly we forget the Star's recent sushi "outing" article concerning the widespread misrepresentation of what's in your handroll.

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                                      There were a few CHers in this and another thread raving about this 'gem of a Japanese restaurant'!. The write-up provides enough incentive for us foodies to search for more info.,. A visit to their website reveals a special high lighted 'Kobe Beef ' menu section! Once again, this is up to interpretation!

                                      1. re: Charles Yu

                                        I think that's it's generally acknowledged and accepted that the use of the word Kobe on a menu almost always does not mean that the genuine article is available to order at any given establishment. Rather, a restaurant's use of the word Kobe can be taken as evidence that the proprietors are merely jumping on the let's-sell-some-wagyu-and-call-it-Kobe-because-that's-all-the-rage-these-days-and-we-can-charge-through-the-roof-for-it bandwagon. Although this is certainly false advertising, I would say that the only victims are those who don't really know what true Kobe beef is, and are more than happy to pay exorbitant amounts for a taste of what is the trendiest victual of the moment. While I don't think this is commendable, this practice seems to be commonly accepted.

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                                          If the establishment is next door, fine! But its way out in Oakville! I for one will not appreciate wasting the time, let alone the money for the wrong experience!

                                          1. re: Charles Yu

                                            What's Oki's website address? I can't seem to find it...

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                                            Have you guys actually visit the website of OKI ??

                                            It clearly gives an explanation of the Kobe beef they serve :

                                            "Kobe Beef is a special grade of beef from Wagyu cattle raised in Kobe, Japan. These cattle are massaged with sake and are fed a daily diet that includes large amounts of beer."

                                            This case is even more serious because it specifically saying the beef is actually from "Kobe", unlike others which does not give the origin. It is one of the main feature of OKI as there is a whole section of "Kobe Beef" in their website. Whether you love Kobe beef or not, I don't think this is acceptable.

                                            It is clearly giving out wrong information. First, Kobe is a city and there is no cow in there. It is the farm in Hyogo prefecture which you find wagyu cattle that produce Kobe beef. Second, $65 for real Kobe beef in Toronto ??! It only happen in a dream.

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                                              As I just mentioned, I can't seem to find OKI's web address. Perhaps you could shed some light on the matter at hand by furnishing such useful info. Cheers!

                                              1. re: redearth

                                                Here you go,


                                                I think it is getting a lots of buzz here, either good or bad !