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Mar 5, 2008 11:37 AM

L.A. Foodies to the rescue!!!!!!!!

Coming down from S.F. and heard a few things about the following places. What do y'all think????

The Foundry
Father’s Office
Robata Bar
Angelini Osteria
Holy Cow India Express

Please let me know which ones you like and why.

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  1. First and foremost, cross Charcoal OFF that list. Nothing but nightmare reviews.

    And Holy Cow is just an above average Indian take-out place. Not worth your attention, unless you happen to live in that 'hood.

    The rest are all worthy of consideration, though so are dozens more. Depends what you're looking for?

    1. Campanile is a long-standing good choice for a California/French meal -- it's a beautiful space. Used to be run by Nancy Silverton and husband Mark Peel, but Nancy is now cooking at Osteria Mozza. There are probably newer places out there that would be more of a "wow" experience these days.

      Father's Office is a gastropub in Santa Monica heralded for its amazing hamburgers -- they only come one way, with bacon, bleu cheese and caramelized onions. Very, very tasty burger, but you typically have to put up with crowds and lines to eat.

      Angelini Osteria is a very good choice for Italian, along with Osteria Mozza, which wasn't among your options, but is sort of the new thing in the Italian category.

      1. cut charcoal and holy cow off the list. campanile is tried and true, alays a lovely meal. father's office is great if you can get a table. their burger really is spectacular.

        1. A more expansive explanation of the trip and what we want:

          1. don't waste your time on holy cow. it's awful.