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Mar 5, 2008 11:30 AM

Best Baked Goods that can be shipped?

made with very fresh good ingridents any ideas, like brownies, coffee cakes, Dark chocolate anything?

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  1. Are you looking to buy something to be shipped or idea's for shipping something yourself?

    1. if you're seeking somewhere to send from, zingerman's is great.

      if i'm baking, banana bread or gingerbread (gramercy tavern on epicurious)

      fwiw, i ordered fat witch brownies as a present for someone, and they were terribly dry and flavorless.

      1. When my niece was on a student exchange in Germany, I send various baked goods in plastic containers I bought at a dollar store. Most things arrived in very good shape, particularly banana loaf or scones. The post office has a special padded envelope that was about $14 for 2-3 day delivery to Germany that perfectly fit a 8" X 4" container that was about 1" high.

        1. fatwitch brownies in NYC
          Black Hound, NYC
          Divine Delights (petie fours,cookies and tea cakes)
          Selmas cookies (huge rice krispy treats)
          One Girl Cookies (tea cookies)
          Modern Pastry in Boston for torrone and cookies

          1. Brownies

            quick breads (to make them special sprinkle cinnamon sugar all over the insides of pan before pouring in batter. you'll get a really nice sweet "crust" )

            pound cakes - lemon, chocolate, whatever

            i haven't done this but what about baking rolls with dark chocolate in it, you know, like chocolate croissant only using a sturdier bread.


            cookies that you stack in a ziplock and then slide into a wine tube with a bit of stuffing at each end. you know, those cylindrical wine gift boxes.

            To be clear, do you mean that you want to order nice baked goods or make your own?

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              Not a cook baker want it sent to me by a great baker, thanks and love chocolate and pound cakes.

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                Oh, well this may not be what you're looking for but if you like fruitcake I have a great source:


                Great fruitcake, great cheeses. Really delicious. People rave about their fudge, too.