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Mar 5, 2008 11:22 AM

ISO Bottled Organic Milk in the Junction

Anyone know where to get some? I know Harmony is available in bottles, but the local places I've checked only have it in cartons/bags.


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  1. Why don't you call Harmony and ask where they distribute their bottles?

    1. Come to Roncesvalles. Margis at Howard Park and Roncesvalles have them as well as Qi at 219 Roncesvalles

      1. Leslieville Cheese market now has a fully stocked dairy fridge, including Harmony in bottles, as well as Beaches Wholesome Foods near Queen and Beech Av.

        1. Coincidentally, there's a short blurb in the Post today about the fact that Harmony is one of the few dairies that still does bottled milk.

          It mentions that they have a list of "jug milk" retail locations on their website - - although having quickly checked it myself, there doesn't seem to be an indicator of which places carry the bottled version and which places just have cartons/bags. Maybe there's another link somewhere that I'm missing.

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            Thanks Greg - I saw that too, but couldn't find a list on Harmony's website.

            However, there's a new organic/etc. food store open in the Junction (I think it opened yesterday). It's called The Sweet Potato, and it's at 2995 Dundas W, just west of Pacific.

            I was in yesterday, and while they were still filling in the shelves, they have the full line of Harmony milk, in cartons and bottles.


          2. I just saw bottled Harmony in both the Beet (Dundas and Medland) and the Sweet Potato (Dundas and Pacific).