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Mar 5, 2008 11:18 AM

Need a Julie's Cuban alternative

My mother's 60th birthday is next week and we are stuck. We have been to Perigee and she loved being able to watch the chefs work but we want to try something different this year. She loves the atmosphere and food at Julie's but they are closed for the week. I think she would really like a "vacation like" dinner like the old Bamboo for example. Any suggestions?

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  1. How about Golden Thai on Church at Richmond? I personally love the Cashew Chicken and the Green Shrimp curry. Great, kitchy atmosphere too.

    1. Have you been to Antoinete's in the Beach? The restaurant is about the same size as Julie's (a little smaller, in fact) and there actually is Antoinette in the kitchen, cooking good old fashioned Italian meals. She makes her own pasta, too...I think the address is 2455 Queen East, or pretty close to that, near the end of 501 Queen car line.

      1. Irie on Queen West is good, if you like Jamaican flavours. Some of the dishes are traditional and others are more contemporary/slightly fusion. It has a pretty laid-back atmosphere.

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          Brassii....on Kng West might work.....Miranda

        2. Terroni on Adelaide.....Miranda

          1. For Mexican food, in a Mexican environment, served in Mexican time try El Sol. You might get a table towards the back to the restaurant where you can see the work going on in the kItchen.