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Mar 5, 2008 11:03 AM

Westside Restaurants Recs for large group?

Hey all,
I'm trying to organize a birthday dinner for about 15-20 people somewhere on the westside (anywhere from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills/West Hollywood). I would prefer some place not too pricey (entrees under $20 or so), but with good food (the birthday boy is a foodie--any type of cuisine is fine). Unfortunately I may have waited too long to make reservations as the bday is 3/14. Anyway, any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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  1. I'd recommend Niko Niko for good and reasonably-priced sushi. It fits all your criterion: great food (cooked food as well as sushi, for non-sushi eaters), on the Westside, could accommodate a large group even on a weekend night with little notice, would be about $25-30 per person total, maybe a litte more with beer or sake. Here's a thread where I praised it in detail:

    If you go there please report back.

    Another option is banquest-style Chinese food at Hop Li on Santa Monica, near Bundy.

    1. I'd recommend Koban on National just east of Sawtelle. Koban has an extensive Korean menu including grilled meats, soup noodles, pancakes, shabu shabu etc. Price is quite reasonable (e.g. grilled short ribs with salad and 4 panchan $13.99; yukwe appetizer $8.99.) They serve alcohol. The decor is subdued, several cuts above most Korean restaurants and it has an appropriate for a date ambience. Service is quite good. And since it is newish, they'll welcome your big group reserves. As for food, it can't compare with Soot Bull Jeep, my gold standard for Korean BBQ, but Koban's is quite decent.

      1. Musha is always a good time and good food, fits your budgetary constraints, and has a nice back room.

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          That back room would be a very tight squeeze for 15-20 since they generally say that it seats 8-12. But otherwise it would be perfect.

        2. Try this brand new place in west hollywood on la cienega since they just opened they probably could accomodate last minutes. Their food is fabulous and thier prices make it even more awesome. I think it would be perfect for 15-20 and you will probably have the place almost to yourself. Ronin Izakaya Bistro (310)289-8404

          Good luck!