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Mar 5, 2008 11:01 AM

Need recommendation for party of 12 near Ritz Carlton Orlando

I need recommendations for some nice restaurants (preferably under $100 a person) near the JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton. Norman's is sold out. I would prefer an eclectic menu, Asian fusion, not Italian. Thank you.

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  1. Go to Roys. It's a great restaurant! It's on Sand Lake Rd. Think you can look it up online. They are a chain, a smaller chain, but a really really good one. It doesn't feel at all like a chain and everything that I've had there is fantastic. Their Hawaiian Asian Fusion.

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    1. re: mmuch

      I completely agree. Roy's is one of my favorite restaurants. It is in the Dr. Philips area on Sand Lake Rd. Seafood is featured in so many creative and delicious ways- the food definitely resembles Japanese food, even with sushi as an appetizer sometimes, and the food is always fresh-tasting and elegantly plated. The atmosphere is also very beautiful. Highly recommended!

      1. re: Luna4

        I personally experienced very mediocre service at Roy's to the point of incompetence, and my girlfriend had the blandest fish in the world there. I was not impressed at all, especially for the prices they charge, and would never go back.

        Of course, it seems to be one of those sacred cows on this forum, so I'm sure the positives will outweigh my negative.

        1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

          Its been awhile but I went with a large party about 4 years ago and the experience was pretty terrible. Half the meals were served cold. They were out of all but one fish entree. (it was dec 30 and they were preparing for new years eve).

          1. re: herbert1

            You say you do not want Itallian, but Primo at the JW Marriott is one of my Favorites & their seafood blows Roy's away.

            1. re: beteez

              I agree and Primo is not traditional itallian, ie no lasagna on the menu... I have been in there a few times recently (the last two nights in fact), They are hitting on all cylnders right now with their food, great tomatoes, beets, lamb and steak on the menu right now.