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Mar 8, 2002 12:52 PM

Who makes a mean Tuna Melt?

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Its lent for a few more fridays.....who makes a mean tuna melt. Had an awesome one down at Costa Mesa Super Burger on Bristol which had grilled onions on it. Looking @ Westside pref, but open to all suggesion

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  1. So funny you should ask. Just yesterday, LA Times featured a number of different Tuna Melt's across town (link below).

    They sound delicious, and I haven't tried any of them. My favorite, however is (and I'm starting to feel repetitive) the one served at S&W Country Diner
    9748 Washington Boulevard
    Culver City

    Greasy and oh so good...


    1. Try 26 Beach at 3100 Washington
      Great Tuna Melt or Chicken & Tuna Melt Combo, with fries or a salad about $11.00 enough for lunch the next day.

      1. If you were a tuna fish subject to the indignities of being cooked, chopped up, mixed up with a bunch other stuff, slapped between twice slices of bread and some cheese, then fried on some grill, would you be anything other than a "mean tuna melt"? ;-)