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Mar 5, 2008 10:36 AM

Chicken and Waffles at Melba's?

I recently saw Melba's stunning victory over Bobby Flay in a chicken-and-waffles throwdown on the Food Network. The premise of the show is that Bobby goes up against someone who has perfected a particular dish. So is Melba's really the best chicken-and-waffles (at least in the NYC area)?

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  1. i hadn't heard about this victory, but melbas is really tasty (and has a great loungy atmosphere). their turkey meatloaf is delic, as are their burgers and all the sides i've tasted (esp the sauted spinach). i'll try the chicken and waffles next time!

    1. I saw that show--very cute. The beef short rib is Melba's shining glory (her mac & cheese is good too). Her waffle, while OK, needs to be a more crispy for my taste. Other places for C&W: Harlem Wings and Waffles, Amy Ruth's (recently sold to new owners), Rack & Soul. Go on tour.

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        Thanks for the tips! I've actually never had chicken and waffles (together that is) but now I'm inspired to become a connoisseur.