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Mar 5, 2008 10:01 AM

Point Loma Seafoods

While i've always found blue water to be much tastier and fresher than point loma, occassionally i get the urge for a clam sandwich that can only be cured by point loma. on this past trip i noticed that the majority of the fish for sale in the counter was previously frozen. i found this odd considering their prices were fairly high for not having fresh inventory. has it been that i never really paid attention to the counter and they've always sold previously frozen fish? i guess i just figure if you're going to a fish market and paying good money for fish, you'd figure it is the freshest around.

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  1. Never liked Point Loma Seafood. Felt it was like El Indio, and only popular because of longevity. Flame away. :-)

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    1. re: Josh

      There's certainly things on the menu at PLSF that make you go "eh". However, I have been fond of their Dungeness crab sandwich for over thirty years. I was fonder of it when it was $2.39, though... ;-)

      El Indio has always sucked in my book...

      1. re: Josh

        Nailed it..
        Been going to PLS for many years and though I love certain things like the calamari sandwich and the nostalgia of it all, it really has become it's own worst enemy..
        DD..had to laugh on the would of thunk?
        Flame away is such a great line.

      2. Yikes, that's pretty bad if they're selling frozen fish. I was already pretty lukewarm towards them but now that just confirms that I should stick to Blue Water Grill and El Pescador.

        1. I was always amused by valet parking at a fish market. What type of fish was it that was frozen. Not all fish has year round availability, perhaps what you saw frozen was a fish with limited availability during winter months.

          1. I bought some Alaskan Halibut there yesterday. It was frozen. It was excellent and price was good. There were plenty of fresh selections. I dont think it is a fair statement to say they dont have 'fresh inventory'. Some catches are seasonal. Next time, if there is a next time, why dont you talk to the guys behind the counter about why certain offerings are previously frozen, instead of posting misleading information on the internet?

            There is no valet parking. There is a parking lot attendant during peak hours and in the summer. He will direct you to an open spot, or have you wait until something opens up. They have issues with the parking lot filling up; during the sportfishing season there is a problem with the lot being used by people other than customers.

            If you dont like the prepared food, fine. That is a separate subject than the fish counter. PLSF offers the best fish in the area which is why it is has been so successful and popular for at least 30 years. Some of the fish is very expensive; the wild salmon when it is available, will run you $23.00-$25.00 per lb. Same for fresh swordfish and alaskan halibut when in season. You can get cheaper fish elsewhere bit the quality will not be the same.

            I frequent Blue Water as well for ther prepared food; the counter fish prices are just as high as PLSF, if not higher.

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            1. re: sdnativa

              I like Point Loma Seafood and it is high up there when looking for fish to cook. I also like the prepared counter as I love their tuna fish sandwiches -- a bit expensive -- but worth it.

              Man, I miss their shrimp salad sandwiches that are no longer on the menu...

              Makes a nice stop when heading up for a picnic at Cabrillo.

              That said, there are times I walk in, and the chaos of the store has me leaving within a few seconds.

              1. re: sdnativa

                I agree about flash frozen at sea, i.e. halibut from AK. is very good quality and taste, how about all that sushi we eat, most is frozen at sea. Think your eating fresh, not frozen Toro?

              2. Never bought fish there before but their fried clams are so damn good.