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New DVR- What cooking shows do you record for future viewing?

Would like to try some new shows that Chowhounds value for saving. Which ones do you find to be most worthwhile?

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  1. Because it is on at 7:30 am Sundays, in my area, I like to record Gordon Ramsey's The F Word.

    I have only watched it once, but did enjoy seeing him at home with the fam and bashing Joan Collins at his restaurant. It is on BBC America. It is kind of like a celebrity variety show with cooking segments, the "star" interview, 'how I live at home" segment, here's my bare naked chest, again, intro.

    Refreshingly different. and informative

    1. I love Top Chef (new season starting soon), Restaurant Makeover, Bizarre Foods w/Andrew Zimmerman, Dinner Impossible (hopefully more to come)

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      1. Bravo:
        top chef

        tyler's ultimate
        jamie at home
        iron chef america

        america's test kitchen
        a lyon in the kitchen
        simply ming

        1. None. That way the reruns are all new to me. But at my age even the ones I've already seen are new to me when I see them again. ...what was the question?

          1. Top Chef, Good Eats, Throwdown with Bobby Flay, Dinner Impossible, America's Test Kitchen, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

            1. As a food show junkie and a longtime DVR owner, I have definite preferences:

              First, it is completely unnecessary to record anything on Food Network. I'm not referring to the quality, it is just that every show is repeated over and over again -- first late at night, then on weekends, then finally in reruns. The same with Bravo's Top Chef -- even if you miss an episode, it will be repeated multiple times during the following days and then come back during marathons in the future.

              So stick with PBS. If you can find some old Julia Child episodes (one of the local stations here in L.A. sometimes repeats them one weekday per week at noon) she stands up to repeated viewing. I like America's Test Kitchen, though one viewing is enough. Simply Ming bears a repeat so you can get his weekly "master recipe" and then the three or four applications, which go fast due to sub-ins. I like Bittman's show and the new Gourmet "Diary of a Foodie." I don't like Lidia's "family" show -- too cutesy and every recipe is the same ("now add the pasta water"), the Italian Cucina lady is way too over-enthusiastic, and while I like Rick Bayliss's show it is way too slow. All of these are shown back-to-back on Saturday afternoons here.

              1. I too have enjoyed Gordon Ramsay's shows like The F Word and Kitchen Nightmares (the UK version's better). I also really enjoyed Rick Stein's Food Heroes (I think that's what it is called).

                I have a lot of cooking shows set up to record. I try them out and see which ones I want to set my DVR to record the series. Right now I have: Jamie at Home, America's Test Kitchen, Everyday Food, Dinner Impossible (but the many, many reruns of this show trip up my DVR), No Reservations, A Cook's Tour, Just Cook This (I just found this show - not sure if I like it or not). Soon Top Chef will be back on that list when the new season begins.

                I search for random Julia Child and Galloping Gourmet airings too!

                1. Top Chef, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, Everyday Italian, Iron Chef America

                  1. Top Chef, Mexico: One Plate at a Time, Molto Mario, Last Restaurant Standing, America's Test Kitchen, Simply Ming, Barefoot Contessa, Good Eats. I keep tabs on PBS to see if they ever show Martin Yan, Jacques Torres, Jacque Pepin, Julia Child. I need to search the RFD channel to see if they're playing Justin Wilson at all.

                    I watch Kithen Nightmares (UK version) when I can but don't record. There's a bunch I watch but don't record.

                    1. I have a wish list for Jacque Pepin and another for Julia Child. My season tickets are for Good Eats, Everyday Italian and a new one on KQED, "Jose's Made in Spain". I thumbs up most other actual cooking shows not involving RR, Paula or Sandra and let the suggestion manager catch them. I've upgraded my TIvo to about 200 hours storage so if I don't pay attention it can get pretty populated in a week.

                      As to the non-cooking food shows, Tony Bourdain gets a wishlist, The BBCA version of Kitchen NIghtmares is on a season pass, but it seems like he's phoning it in this year. MOst of the other "let's get a camera and find the 5 best pizza places" shows bore me to tears. The hot dog show that went to Chicago but never mentioned Portillos? It's pretty obvious that most of these are pay to play productions.

                      1. Mexico; One Plate at a time. No question!

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                          We used to have Bayless' show on DVR, but I haven't seen it in ages. Are there new episodes? I got a great kick out of his very "fatherly" explanation of things in each episode. He's pretty hysterical, without realizing it I'm guessing.

                          As for our DVR, I have the following shows stacked:

                          Tyler's Ultimate
                          At Home with Jamie Oliver
                          Top Chef
                          Last Restaurant Standing
                          Archived Cook's Tour Episodes

                          I used to have After Hours with Daniel Boulud scheduled but sadly, it doesn't appear to be coming back. Great show and on hi-def no less. Whatever happened to Chef's a Field?

                          R. Jason Coulston

                        2. I really miss the original Iron Chef. Does anyone know if those ever come on tv anymore?

                          1. Fine Living started airing Sara's Secrets and Molto Mario. Anyone seen episodes of Daisy Cooks on PBS lately? I miss her. But I did just get a 2 hour Lidia special:)

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                              I'd put Molto Mario back on my DVR if it weren't for the fact I've seen every single episode multiple times. It's amazing how fresh his older episodes still are. I wish he'd come back on for one final season . . . and please let me sit at that counter with his other guests!

                              R. Jason Coulston