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Mar 5, 2008 09:56 AM

Fuzion Experience anyone?

Any comments on Fuzion Experience on Church st?

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  1. I went about a year ago. Menu was interesting, service very attentive, and quite a nice room. That was then.

    1. I was there recently for dinner. I enjoyed it. The food was very good. I can't give a detailed review because I don't remember enough. I have the game special (bison, I think, and foie-gras-flavoured quail). They were both moist and flavourful. It came on a bed of sweet-tasting vegetables. It was filling, though the portions were quite small for $55. We tried to the appetizer selection, which included breaded scallops (yum!) and oyster shooters (yum!) My friends enjoyed their dishes, which included fish.
      They seem to enjoy creating innovative food. The free bread was cornbread with smoked gouda and wheat with fennel. I could have eaten that all night. The accompanying with a tower of butter -- squares of butter, each one smaller than the layer below.
      The atmosphere is lovely. It's a warm, elegant renovated house.

      1. I ate at Fuzion a few months ago with a few friends. We had great wine and great service, but a few thought that the food wasn't up to its price tag.

        The menu is divided up into three - "Intro", "Interim", and "Fin" - three different languages? I am a vegetarian and chose the Fuzion salad from the Interim menu, with Tatsoi, Crunchy sprouts, Enoki mushrooms, Edamame, Julienne peppers, finished with a sweet chili vinaigrette. My main or "Fin" choice was the Halibut, pumpkin seed crusted served with a cous cous lentil cake, garlic bok choy shoots, crispy pickled ginger and a citrus vinaigrette. Both the salad and the main were yummy, but my crusted halibut was near-burnt, which disappointed me.

        Two of my companions had the Chef's Game plate and they were both a little disappointed.

        The other thing that irritated me was the self-consciously chosen "fusion ethnic" music; we asked them to change the tunes and they did, happily, so that was nice.

        Lovely space, great service, awesome wine and inventive food, if not always totally successful. I didn't pick up the tab, btw. Couldn't have.

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          I had a similar experience. The patio is amazing in the summer and the service was really outstanding. The food was hit and miss though. I had a steak that came with a potatos stuffed into a large pepper. I love spicy food and don't mind heat at all, but the mashed potates were spiced so the point of being inedible. Part of the meal was amazing, but some of it was so so. We all enjoyed our meal but felt that at the price point, (around $150 per person but we all drank a lot!) it needed to be more consistant. Would go back but not in a rush.

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          1. I went to Fuzion with a friend for dinner tonight for the first time. We were seated outside and waited about 10 minutes for someone to serve us (during which time we asked them if they could turn down the music just a bit as it was difficult to hear eachother speak, which they kindly did). Then we ordered a couple of martinis which took 15 minutes to arrive. This is unacceptable, but that was merely a hint of what was to come. When they finally served the martini's they put down two empty water glasses and we practically had to beg to get them filled with water, which finally happened after we flagged down a server (who was not our server). When I looked at the menu ($34 for halibut) with side extra, at about $6 each, I thought "this better be good" as these prices are what Scaramouche charges (a place that never disappoints). We finished our martini's and flagged down the server again (after her having dropped of the wine menu at least 10 minutes earlier) and ordered a bottle of wine and our meal (as we were concerned that she would disappear for a long time again). When she came back I ordered the halibut but was told it was now grouper. I asked if it was fresh and where it was from but, although she did not know where it was from she knew it was fresh and would ask about its origins. When she came back she told me it was from Florida and definitely was fresh. When the fish came (on time) it was one of the toughest fillets of fish I have ever tasted (but the sauce tasted great). I figured it was either frozen (my suspicion) or cooked way too long. You shouldn't have to chew fish the way I had to his one and the flesh should flake off.

            The wine was way overpriced, by the way, compared to it's retail value.

            Anyway, we finished our meal, they collected our plates and then dropped off a dessert menu. Then the server disappeared for 35 minutes and finally came back to ask us if we wanted dessert. By that time I was fed up with the service, what seemed to me to be an overpriced meal given its quality and the big delay in ordering dessert.

            Just before we left, we had a conversation with some people beside us who were sitting in lounge chairs and only having drinks. They told us they only come for drinks, never anything else, given the fact the food is overpriced for the quality and the fact the service is Soooo (and they emphasised the So) bad.

            If I go back it will only be for drinks. I do have to say it's one of the most pleasant patio's in town, but if they keep offering this kind of service and this poor quality food for the price then they'll find we are not the only people coming 'just for drinks'..