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Mar 5, 2008 09:36 AM

Ecuadorian options close by 7 train stops

taking some friends on a ride from Manhattan to Queens on the 7. one of them is
originally from Ecuador and would like to stop into some of the restaurants and food
stores on the way out to Flushing (for another gathering). Any recs that are more
updated that the listings on the 7 line stops post from a while back?


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  1. Pollo Gusto for weekend stews only. Cart near Junction for hornado and fritata. That's barely scratching the surface.

    1. Braulio & Familia on 63rd near Roosevelt. Still decent.
      Hornado Ecuatoriano on Roosevelt & 77th (or so). There's another one in the 80s as well. The hornado (roast pork) is the main show, so order that.
      I really liked Picada Azuaya when I went there, but it's been a couple years, so I can't say what it's like, but that's on 37th Ave, in the 80s.
      There is the Ecuadorian cart parked on 78(ish) and Roosevelt during the days. I should check that out. They do hornado as well.

      1. I'd love to find a good Ecuadorian too! I think most of them are either on Northern Blvd or on Roosevelt between Junction and 111th St. Years ago I used to go to Cuenca on Roosevelt and 79th St. They had a wonderful seafood casserole that would come to the table in a clay pot with a white cream sauce all frothy and bubbling. The place has turned into a nightclub but they still have a complete menu, but I haven't tried it in years.

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          Brian, it sounds like you may have had a Casuela de Marisco, although I don't recall if this particular dish is prepared with a cream sauce. Have you ever tried the Sango de Camarones....somewhat like a porridge prepared from mashed green plantains, also traditionally prepared in a clay pot? I haven't come across these dishes lately, but to be completely honest, I haven't been to an Ecuadorian place in a good while.

        2. I think there may be some on Greenpoint in Sunnyside...maybe it's all Columbian stuff there?...I'm not sure. Maybe a better-informed Sunnysider can help with this.

          1. Any recommendations on where to go for good fanesca this week?