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Mar 5, 2008 09:11 AM

Good eats on Brandeis campus or within walking distance

I'm new to the Boston area, and new to Brandeis. Does anyone have any recommendations for lunchtime eats on or within walking distance of campus? I've checked out the various Brandeis-related threats on the board and they mostly mention places within a very quick drive or a very long walk - not doable for me during the work day. The best on campus I've found in my week-and-a-half here so far are the panini sandwiches at Dominic's Italian in Lemberg.

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  1. What do you consider walking distance? The only food-serving establishments within a 10-minute walk are the stuff on campus and the Cappy's/Deli set of stores near the commuter rail, so no, there isn't really anything good to eat.

    If you get a bike or a car, it's easy to make a trip to the actual Dominic's, Beijing Star, Kabab & Tandoor.

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      Yes, at some point I'll get a bike, but for now I'm limited to the range you describe. I'll certainly be working here long enough to try everything at some point, but any recommendations of places (and particular items) on campus or in the set of stores you described would be helpful and probably save me many bad meals. I've heard varying opinions on C(r)appy's for example, but don't know anyone here yet that seems to care too much about optimizing their eating here.

    2. There really are no good eats within walking distance. We have lived next door to the campus for 12 years -- nothing good. You could walk to Domincs by cutting through our neighborhood (Cedarwood) but its a good hike.

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        Nothing/not much is the general vibe I've been getting, but it's good to get feedback from CHers. Well, like I mentioned I have found the Dominic's offerings on campus to be very nice, and a lot better than anything else I've tried so far...

        1. re: foodmagellan

          My husband also works at Brandeis (since 6 weeks ago) and agrees that slimpickings when it comes to lunch options. He usually goes to that place next to the Brandeis Commuter train station.

          But this past weekend we tried a new place - it's probably within 15 mins walk from Brandeis - Victoria's Cafe. It's open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week.

          Victoria's Cafe Restaurant
          241 Crescent St, Waltham, MA 02453

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            Victoria's has a pretty good diner breakfast. Do they serve any Peruvian food at lunch? They used to offer it for breakfast but stopped several years ago.

            1. re: Luther

              Unless they have a separate menu for lunch options, I'd say "No" to the Peruvian food. I did notice the sign outside mentioned "American and Peruvian food" but the menu was mainly American (omelettes, sandwiches, wraps, pancakes, french toast etc).

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                what happened to that sandwich shop near the train stop? it was very good. (not cappys and not the greasy deli)

                Definately slim pickin's unless you go to moody street.

      2. The "Balance" station in the dining hall in Usdan is good, if it's still there (haven't been at Brandeis for about a year now). Generally plain but very fresh and good quality ingredients (e.g., broiled salmon with fruit salsa, rice, good selection of vegetables).

        1. There used to be a really good health food option back in the day called"Nature's Way" - it was right on campus, Usdan?

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            hmmm, maybe you two (chowcat & geminigirl) are talking about the same place - brandeis' website lists "nature's balance" as a vegan/veggie extension of the balance station... i'll check it out, thanks.