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Mar 5, 2008 08:32 AM

Ole mexican grill

Hi CHrs ,
what's the scoop on this mexican restaurant? I am very curious, as I have received mailer about cooking lessons from the Chef (Ramos), Good, bad, indifferent? I want to hear

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  1. Ole bills its cuisine as "Mexico City-style" Mexican, which I take to mean slightly more refined and significantly more expensive than the status quo.

    Personally, I find both the food and atmosphere acceptable enough, but am always vaguely annoyed by the prices and ultimately a tad underwhelmed by the food (see also: Tu y Yo in Somerville).

    Food-wise, it's a poor, poor cousin to Angela's. The only reasons I'd go to Ole are (1) it's closer to my home and (2) they have a liquor license.

    1. Wow, I can't remember reading such a lukewarm review of Ole. I'll disagree strenuously! I've always really enjoyed it. The food is interesting, complex, generally favoring clean and bright flavors, as opposed to the dark blended savory flavors you'd find at better burrito-type places. They really shine with their seafood preparations such as ceviche, fried whole fish, and many others. Their prices are low for a fine restaurant, which in my opinion they are. High for a more typical mexican restaurant, which they are not.

      And they make real margaritas (no kool-aid sour mix) with a large selection of great tequilas, yum.

      I guess I should try Angela's... where's that?

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        Definitely take my opinion with a grain or two or salt; having spent most of my childhood in Phoenix, I'm fussy and finicky about my Mexican food in ways that admittedly go beyond simple cases of authenticity vs. inauthenticity.

        Ole's food really is fine, the drinks are better than fine, and the atmosphere is casual and fun; it definitely has some things going for it. They just don't quite line up with what I'm personally looking for when I go out. To me, there are multiple places nearby with better drinks, myriad options nearby with better value (both more and less expensive in pure dollars), and at least one place in town with vastly better actual Mexican food.

        Angela's is at 131 Lexington Street in Eastie. Do a board search -- it has rapidly become the premiere Boston board darling of the moment, and for good reason.

        Angela's Cafe
        131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

        1. re: jajjguy

          Yep, second this. Maybe best to think of it as a moderate-high end dining option (for me, Ole in Inman is always, and increasingly, an attractive alternative to the East Coast Grill) rather than a place to go because you just want Mexican food. I like their tapas menu, especially the fried fish tacos and the seared scallops (as jajjguy says, they do well with fish). They also do a very good steak plate (nice marinade; always cooked just-so), and everyone seems to like their made-tableside guacamole. The margaritas are much better in my opinion than at East Coast Grill; I'm not such a fan of the mojitos and other mixed drinks.

        2. I think the food is better than average, with their chile rellenos winning for me - I prefer theirs' to Angela's cold stuffed poblanos - but I find the rest of their menu pretty tired. Guacamole is better than average, but not transcendental. Sangria and margaritas are well made.

          1. I posted a review a while back about my last experience which was very bad. We used to enjoy going there frequently, but based on my last two experiences I probably will not return.

            1. The original comment has been removed