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Mar 5, 2008 08:30 AM

dining alone near Columbia U -- suggestions?

Hound visiting from Boston, looking for a good meal near Columbia University. I'll be alone so I'd like to find a place where I can eat at the bar.

Open to all cuisines, and cost is not much of a concern. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. I am a Columbia alum, here are a few ideas:

    Some friends of mine like Regional, around 100th St. I havent been there though

    Max Soho on 121st and Amsterdam is a good small italian restaurant, dont think they have bar seating.

    The Mill Korean is decent and right near campus, around 114th street.

    Avoid Tomo Sushi.

    If you are willing to go below 90th street thats a whole other story...

    1. Community Food and Juice should be worth a go (though perhaps a bit spendy). it recently opened at 112th and bway. i think you could sit at the bar.

      i second the mill for good korean in that neighborhood. the pizza place on the same block as max soha has really good pizzas (actually, that whole block has several very good restaurants).

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        I had lunch yesterday at Community Food. There was a wait for a table and a long wait for food once we'd ordered. The food, though, was delicious. And for a solo diner, the communal table might be a good option.

        The Mill, of course, is one of comparatively few Koren restaurants serving egg creams.

      2. If you're a jazz fan, you can sit at the bar at Smoke on Broadway @ 106th. The food is surprisingly good there and being alone, you'll have a great show as entertainment. Just call ahead to find out when the sets start becuase it's small and can fill up quickly.

        I agree with the Max Soha recommendation, as the food is really tasty and inexpensive. They do have a bar, although I'm not sure if they serve food there.

        1. Sezz Medi, Amsterdam & 122nd, has a comfortable bar that lots of solo diners eat at.

          1. I, too, really like Community Food and Juice. If you're alone, you might consider sitting at the bar which is a little more social than sitting alone at a table.

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              some of these do not have bars but it's never a problem to eat alone. everyone does.

              try toast on broadway and w105th. there's one a bit further north as well. this may be your best bet.

              i will very strongly recommend mill korean as well. it's not the best korean food you can get anywhere but it definitely suffices. can definitely eat alone here.

              try pisticci on lasalle. really great italian food. very small restuarant.

              stay away from le monde no matter what.

              w107 is very good. can definitely eat alone. it is on brdwy and, obviously, w107.

              symposium is on W113 bet. broadway and amsterdam. greek food. very low key. can definitely eat alone. it's more like a homey, diner style restaurant with booths and some tables. great service.

              thai market - amsterdam and w107.

              meridiana - broadway and w105

              la rural - w97 and amsterdam. brand new south american/steakhouse

              indus valley - w100 and broadway

              flor de mayo - broadway and w100

              please let us know what winds up working for you. this site may also help for menus, reviews, locations:

              1. re: nativeNYer

                I really appreciate all the ideas. Right now I'm leaning toward Smoke but I will report back on where I ended up.

                1. re: triple creme

                  As it turns out, dinner was catered after my meeting both nights, so I never had a chance to try any of the restaurants suggested here. However I did hit smoke after dinner each night and really enjoyed. Thanks again for all the recs.

                  1. re: triple creme

                    thnx for reporting back!! you'll have to return soon to try the other places!

                2. re: nativeNYer

                  Can you recommend any dishes at Mill Korean? I've been there a couple of times and have really been underwhelmed. I would give it another shot though. Thanks.

                  1. re: gloriousfood

                    sure. do you like fish, beef, poultry. noodles? spicy foods? lots of veggies? i'd be happy to recommend some dishes. I typically get the bulgogi hot stone pot with an egg. They bring it in a piping hot pot and you then need to cook the egg and slam down the rice against the pot to make it crunchy. YUM! they also give you great hot sauce to toss on as you are stirring things around. i also love the spicy rice cakes - duk buk kee which is street food in korea. the less adventurous usually have the "bulgogi" cooked in the kitchen which is beef served with some onions on an iron skillet. they serve it with lettuce leafs , white rice and sauce on the side. you then slip the meat into the lettuce leaf, toss some rice in with the sauce and you roll it up and eat in, korean taco style.

                    1. re: nativeNYer

                      Thank you! I usually have their casserole dishes. Looks like I should branch out a bit and will look into your suggestions.