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Mar 5, 2008 08:17 AM

Cannolis on the Westside

Organzing and offcie birthday for our receptionist, who isin charage of EVERYONE else's birthdays and does an amazing job. She really like cannolis and I thought it would be something nice to get for hers. Problem is I have never gotten canolis in Los Angeles before! I'd like something on the Westside so our runnner can pick them up shortly before the party, so we don't have to deal with filling them our selves but they would still be fresh. HELP!?

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  1. They don't fill them while you're standing there (that's apparently a Philly thing), but you can get little cannolis at Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica. They've got containers to-go with about six of them in there, but I'm guessing you're looking for larger quantities. Therefore, you can probably order in advance and they'll have them ready. They're not the best cannolis I've ever had, but they're nothing to scoff at either.

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      I've always asked them to hand stuff them for me on the spot and have never gotten a no...

    2. Bravo Pizzeria, on Main Street in Santa Monica, has cannolis they import from New York. They keep the shells and filling separate, and only when you order do they fill the shells. They're my favorite in LA.

      1. If anyone lives near Eagle Rock, have them pick them up at The Eagle Rock Italian Bakery on Colorado.

        1. I also suggest Bravo Pizzeria on Main St in SM. They buy the cannoli shells from Ferarra's in NYC. A touch on the pricey side but well worth it.

          Also, I suggest their pizza. I'm a big fan of the White Bravissimo.

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            Thanks so much for all the suggestions, may just have to go try them myself to make sure they are adequate :)

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              That is a good idea, you would not want anyone saying you got inferior cannoli. If you need someone to drive you on your quest for quality control, I can be had at a very reasonable price, a few slices, a campari & soda and of course some cannoli!

          2. My favorite come from the Beverly Glen Market at the top of the hill just south of Mulholland off of Beverly Glen... small and large, and very simple... lace shell, creamy ricotta filling, rolled and drizzled lightly with dark and white choc drizzle with the ends dipped in dark choc as well.

            I also would second glutton's rec for Bay Cities.

            Gelson's (Viktor Benes') also sells cannolis, but I believe you need to special order these.

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              How about Al Geloto on Robertson? They make a good cannoli.