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Mar 5, 2008 08:15 AM

Dinner and brunch recs?

A friend and I are impulsively chucking it all this weekend, renting a car from NYC to DC for a road trip and fun. We're staying in the Lincoln Park area (exchanged homes) Friday and Sat nights. Saturday matinee at the Kennedy Center. Otherwise, we're as free as can be.

Any tips for late drinks Friday (near Lincoln Park area?), great dinner Saturday anywhere, good brunch Sunday anywhere? We're two women in our early 30s, very fun, enjoy wonderful food and great wine. Don't want to break the bank, but price is not too much of a consideration.

Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. Late Friday, I'd head to the strip along Pennsylvania SE between 2nd and, oh, 4th. Sonoma is a lovely place for drinks, with good food to boot. Capitol Lounge, too, could fit the bill, depending on what mood you're after.

    For dinner Saturday, I'd recommend Central to you. It's a fantastic place, lots of fun for two women on the town, and there are some good bars nearby.

    For Sunday brunch, you two should hit up Eastern Market.

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      Excellent suggestions, though I'd recommend hitting Eastern Market up for brunch on Saturday, not Sunday. On Saturday, the Market Lunch offers brunch foods, including their famous blueberry buckwheat pancakes. On Sundays, they open at noon and offer only their regular lunch menu.

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        It may be a bit late for a Central reservation although it would be my top pick next down in order of my liking:
        1. Restaurant Eve (bistro the tasting room takes some time and is pricier (since you have a car)
        2. Hook
        3.. Blue Duck
        4. Brasserie Beck
        5. Palena (although the front room which is more of a bistro area doesn't take reservations and can get quite busy)
        6. Rasika

        For Sunday Brunch I love Bistro Bis. Also Georgia Brown's although loud might be fun for Sunday Southern Food Jazz brunch, it is so much food, there is a buffet and entrees (which they just pack most up to go) so you could have heading home on the road snacks. I also really like Poste for in DC brunch. And have heard good things about the brunch at Belga but have never been.