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Great restos for biz din in P'Burgh??

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Need help for Bostonian and other out of towners visiting on biz. All like to eat great food. Where should we go?

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  1. Downtown:
    Sonoma Grill - Penn Ave
    Capitol Grill - 5th Ave

    1. Downtown -- Highly recommend Eleven on Smallman Street (near the Convention Center) -- the food and atmosphere are both wonderful. Capital Grille is great. Another recommendation would be The Carlton in One Mellon Bank Center. I agree with South Side recs of Dish and Mallorca.

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        Dish might not be ideal for a group-- the food is great but the place is TINY. I would second the recommendation for Eleven and add Casbah and Soba, also from the Big Burrito family.

        Sonoma Grill has fine food but the place is a cavern, and if you want to hear your dinner companions speak I would not recommend it. The service can also be spotty, especially on the weekends.

        Try Bona Terra in Sharpsburg-- if you call a few days ahead a group should be no problem, and the food will be uniformly excellent.

        It's never mentioned here, but my husband and I like New Moon Fusion on General Robinson street on the North Shore by PNC Park. They have lots of choices (within the "pan-Asian" theme) and the space is also good for a biz dinner group. It's also a short walk or cab ride from downtown.

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          When I was in Pittsburgh last, I went to Opus, inside the Renaissance Hotel downtown. I thought the food and ambiance were very good, but I haven't heard anyone mention it on here. It looked like it would be great for a business dinner, especially if one was staying at one of the downtown hotels. Does anyone have any feedback on Opus, or know if it still exists?

      2. Not sure why it doesn't get mentioned often, but Seviche in the Strip District has gotten pretty good reviews. My wife ate there with some work colleagues last week and loved it.

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          Seviche is not in the Strip. It is located on Penn, across from Sonoma Grille. Sonoma Grille for dinner and then pop over to Seviche's for drinks.

        2. I'm surprised that no one recommends The Common Plea anymore, has it gone downhill? It was a good business dinner restaurant.

          1. If you are out near the Airport, try The Hyeholde. It is a bit expensive, but the menu is pretty unique (and the food is very good). If you make reservations, they can most likely give you a private space for your group. Mallorca is also very good, and if I remember correctly, there won't be any children screaming in there (great for anytime, but even better for those biz dinners).
            I just recently moved out of Pittsburgh, so I'm not sure what has opened since I left. I'm generally a fan of the independantly owned places - their menus may be smaller, but I think there is still some passion to what they do.