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Mar 5, 2008 08:07 AM

Sushi Ike or Hirozen or Ita-Cho?

Taking Mom to dinner tonight. Which is the best one these days? Food first, then service & ambience...

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  1. i'd pick Hirozen, (i've heard Ike isn't as good as it used to be?). Ita Cho is really good too however the last time i was there it wasn't as amazing as i had remembered and i used to go there quite a bit. I'm a huge Hirozen supporter, i eat there once a week so i believe it's consistantly great. Ita cho is a fun experience, the ambience is better than Hirozen which is pretty small and packed. its a hard choice. not sure i've helped here.

    1. Never been to Ita Cho but I have heard good things. It might be the best of the three in terms of atmosphere. Ike is great food wise, but you have to sit at the bar and Ike must be your sushi chef, which does not always happen. Ike is a dive with great traditional sushi. Hirozen might be the choice of the three. The atmosphere is decent but cramped. They do take reservations at the tables and because they have so many menu specials, you wont miss out not being at the bar. I love Hirozen but they are always crowded. The spicy tuna handroll there is amazing and I finish my meal with one every time(after toro and uni). Go for Hirozen.

      1. Bear in mind that Ita-Cho is a Japanese-style "pub," or izakaya, and does not offer much in the way of raw fish. In fact, the raw fish offerings are limited to sashimi, and only 1-2 selections each day.

        As for Hirozen and Sushi Ike--which I think are fairly comparable in terms of quality--the difference is really an issue of style. Whereas Hirozen admits for a good amount of contemporary influence, Sushi Ike does not.


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          bear in mind that ita-cho is under new ownership and is a pale pale pale shadow of its former self. really, don't bother. shed a tear for end of a great eating establishment and march on.

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            No! Say it isn't so!

            Tell me, did you learn the "hard" way?

            In any case, I had friends in town from Chicago just last week and Ita-Cho was given serious consideration. I'm glad that we didn't follow through...


        2. Hirozen is a great place that seems to be off the radar. Had lunch there a few weeks ago and it was incredibly satisfying.