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Mar 5, 2008 07:26 AM

good marinade for skirt steak

I am planning on grilling some skirt steak tonight looking for a good mainade I am thinking something sort of Italian as I want to serve it on a bed of arugula with shaved cheese. any suggestions?

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  1. Italian dressing!

    I don't eat meat, but I have been known to make it for guests, and I often marinade it in italian dressing and it always gets rave reviews.

    Also, I really get GREAT reviews when I "crust" it...rub it with a little olive oil, then garlic, and "crust" it with salt, pepper, and smoked paprika.

    1. Many restaurants, no matter which ethnic variety they lean towards, use simple soy sauce and garlic without any inclusion of acid, i.e., vinegar or citrus juice. Worcestershire Sauce is another option . Properties in both naturally tenderize the meats and help form nice crusts when meats are grilled or broiled

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        I use a combination of soy sauce and brown sugar -

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          This is interesting. What would those properties be, and how do they enhance the formation of "crusts" on grilled meat???


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            Uncle Bob,

            A doubter....

            For Soy Sauce, the fermented soy beans, salt, and or caramel and molasses.

            For Worcestershire Sauce, among others ingredients, molasses and sugar.

            Although not technically glazes, the ingredients used in making glazes are already deep rooted in the products. By marinating with the infusion of liquid into the meat, it alters the meat and when the meat is cooked or burned, thus the crust is formed.

            Any liquid or dry rub applyed to the meat would contribute to a crust when cooked.

            If you would like a more definitive answer, consult your local scientist.

            1. re: fourunder

              Salt, caramel, molasses and sugar have no tenderizing properties!
              Worchestershire does have vinegar (acid) which does tenderize somewhat.

              Glazes/marinades containing sugar will as you state "burn" when applied to the high heat of a grill, when grilling say..Skirt steak Thats a good thing? IMO No thank you.

              Liquid on the surface of meat will not cause a "crust" when applied to high heat. Rather it will "boil" until the liquid is evaporated. Always go to the fire/heat with dry meat if you want a nice sear, grill marks etc. Dry rubs however will help contribute to a "crust" or what is known in the BBQ world as "Bark", when BBQed properly.

              Hope this helps somewhat.... Especially the OP...


              1. re: Uncle Bob

                Soy sauce is made from fermented soy beans

                Fermentation by process produces acid.

                I never said liquid on the surface of the meat....I stated liquid infused.

                A crust is a result of burn either through slow cooking or fast cooking methods.

        2. I like to make a paste of olive oil, garlic, black pepper, lemon zest, and thyme or rosemary. I don't usually worry about tenderizing skirt steak, it's plenty tender for me when just grilled medium rare.

          1. its not italian by any means, but i like alton brown's marinade recipe for skirt steak, this past weekend i used it for a buffalo skirt steak that turned out great. it calls for a couple of scallions, some garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, cumin, brown sugar, salt and pepper, lemon and lime juice all combined in a food processor or blender, i imagine it'd be good on just about anything.

            1. Hi! I don't think anyone has recommended Chimichurri sauce yet. There are 22 versions on epicurious, but the one I most often use is from Argentina Cooks! (a cookbook I have, but epicurious has also posted it as well at:

              You will love, love, love it!