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Places that only sell cupcakes?

Are there any bakeries that ONLY sell cupcakes, or at least majority of the bakery is cupcakes, like Crumbs?

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  1. cupcake cafe on 2nd ave in the 50's, magnolia

    1. Buttercup Bakeshop

      These places are well known for cupcakes.

      1. Sugar Sweet Sunshine. Really good cupcakes.

        1. Billie's in Chelsea sells cupcakes. I picked up a dozen about two weeks ago and they were fresh and delicious. They have the usual chocolate or vanilla with white, yellow, blue, green or pink icing. They also make a red velvet cupcake that goes quickly.


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              It's actually spelled Billy's, but I agree--my favorite for cakes and cupcakes. Some good pies too.

          1. Crumbs sells a lot of other things besides cupcakes.

            1. Tonnie's on W 3rd St. Best in NYC. And they only bake cupcakes. (The store is shared with an unrelated cheesesteak vendor.)

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                Hmmm, is that near Claude's area?? How come I don't know this place...?

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                  Across the street from the Blue Note. In the area of the basketball courts.

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                    It's in the same space as BB Sandwich Bar (120 W 3rd).