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Mar 5, 2008 06:15 AM

family lunch, lincoln park area

will be in town fri-sun with parents, my sister lives in the Lincoln Park area. Looking for some lunch suggestions. I'd like to do something slightly adventurous, maybe asian? Have been checking out the Argyle St. area and Pho 888, has anyone eaten here recently? Also interested in Nhu Lan. I was originally gonna hit up Hot Dougs but they're closed for the new Girls Gone Wild, I dont know check the website. Anyways, although I've mentioned two vietnamese places, I'm down for anything that's gonna rock. thanks

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  1. I'm pretty sure the girl's gone wild thing is just Doug's sense of humor. He's just taking a vacation.

    1. I'm confused. Are you looking for lunch in Lincoln Park, or is location not that important? The Vietnamese places on Argyle Street and Hot Doug's are nowhere near Lincoln Park. There are many, many great places to have lunch on the north side, but the selection really expands if you're not limiting things to Lincoln Park. Just to mention a few other choices in addition to the ones you name - Thai (e.g. TAC Quick), Indian (anything on Devon Ave.), barbecue (Smoque), pizza (Giordano's, Malnati's), etc.