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Mar 5, 2008 06:13 AM

Best Place for a 14 year old girl birthday?

I'm looking for a fun restaurant for a 14 year old girl who doesn't get into the city that often. Do you just go to the regular...Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood....or are there some fun restaurants that aren't so popular.


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  1. You might want to check out

    Mars 2112

    Jekyll and Hyde

    Neither has great food, but both are very entertaining!

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    1. re: pacz

      My 9 year old daughter-- from CT-- thinks these places wre awful. I am so proud.

      She does love: EMP for dressy, Artisnal for fondue, Otto for pizza. Also loves any "do it yourself" Korean BBQ.

      1. re: pacz

        Jekyll and Hyde has the worst food I've had in New York,and they charge extra for the "entertainment," which is idiotic. I doubt most 14-year-olds would like it.

      2. I would grab a burger at Shake Shack, which is always fun, then head off to Dylan's Candy Bar for ice cream and other sweet treats. Or course, there's also Serendipity3 -- not the best in the food department, but they have their famous ice cream concoctions.

        1. I'm no expert on 14 year old girls, but wouldn't it be nicer to treat her like a real person and take her to a nice restaurant instead of some crappy theme park place?
          Somewhere with a NY, grownup feel to it, like Eleven Madison, or Wallse?

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          1. re: David W

            I absolutely agree. I'd do tea at the Plaza Hotel.

          2. First off, will it be just you and the birthday girl, or will she be taking some friends along. And if so, how many?

            Seems to me where you take her depends on what she likes and how sophisticated her taste buds are. If you're considering Hard Rock or Planet Hollywood, sounds as though she's more into fun than first-rate cuisine, so maybe a place like Ellen's Stardust Diner, the retro-50's spot with the singing wait staff? Kind of kitchy and fun.


            1. Why not go to Otto for some Italian fares that are bettter than average and not too intimidating. It's fun and lively and great for all ages. Most importantly, I don't think any 14 year old (or anyone for that matter) can resist the amazing gelato as dessert!