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Mar 5, 2008 06:00 AM

looking for new restaurants in st louis city to try tonight

I am going out with my sister to celebrate her birthday, and am looking for new ideas for a special dinner. We are looking to stay in the city- we will also have a 4 year old in tow. Asian is out, as the beloved youngster will not eat it. I am not afraid to spend a little money- just looking for a place that is nice, good food and will not give kids the hairy eyeball. We usually end up at places like fraziers, mangia, or anywhere on south grand. Looking forward to hearing what people have to say!
Peace, Michele

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  1. How about Stellina Pasta near Hampton and Watson? It's tiny and on the casual side, so I don't know if that will meet your definition of a "special dinner," but they're good with kids and the food is excellent.

    1. I'd go to Harvest, on Big Bend Blvd just off of 64. They have absolutely delicious food and if your 4 year old is reasonably well behaved, he should be welcome there.

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        However, Harvest isn't in the city. I like The Pitted Olive on South Hampton.