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Mar 5, 2008 05:59 AM


Hey fist timer here. I've been on LTH for a while. Anyway, we were lucky to get a reservation at Schwa this week and want some feedback as far as the experience. Let me know any thoughts from people who've been. I'm looking for info on wines to bring, dress code (I've seen pics where jeans and a sweater are ok) and any other tips or suggestions. I read a recent post on another site to BYO wine glasses. this was something I was totally unaware of. Any other tips would be appreciated and please don't reply with "Go with an open mind and have fun."

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. CGC,

      I wasn't trying to be snide w/ my "Go with an open mind and have fun" post.

      The food is unusual and pushes the envelope so some people may not like it as much as others- thus the need to have an open wine. Service is done by the chefs and sometimes a bit fast since they are literally juggling many pots at once!

      Schwa is about the food and the enjoyment of it. If you are a group who likes to dress up, do it. If you prefer to wear jeans and sneakers, I am 100% sure they won't care at all. If it is important to bring your own wine glasses, then by all means, bring 'em. If you have any food/dietary restrictions you may want to tell them when they call to confirm (usually the day of or the day before, I don't remember.)

      Give yourself an extra few minutes to park since you need to find a spot on the street.

      1. Ate there for the second time this past Saturday, and loved it for the second time.

        Wines to bring:
        What you like. Crisp whites and lighter bodied reds. I brought a Verget Chablis and a Volnay Pousse d'Or and was very happy with both.

        I wore jeans & an untucked button up shirt.
        The wife was also in jeans.
        I thought it was pretty warm in there and ended up rolling up my sleeves.
        I usually am pretty aware of the dress of those around me and worry about being over/under dressed. I felt completely comfortable with what I was wearing.

        Wine glasses:
        Bring your own. I brought only 1 glass with the intention of just transitioning from white to red.
        The table next to us was a 6-top and each person had 4 glasses (champagne, white, red, dessert).
        Moral of the story: Bring as many or few wine glasses as you want/need. They will happy to give you a water glass for your wine if that works for you.

        I agree with Chico re: food restrictions and can confirm that they are happy to work with you. I am allergic to shellfish (unfortunately), but working around my allergy was not a problem. Even though the pace felt a little fast at times, it was still north of 2 hours for the whole meal for the 2 of us.

        Other tips:
        If you have an inquisitive cooking mind, ask questions of the folks who are bringing out your food. They love(d) to talk about how things were cooked, etc.

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          As for wine. What my friends and I have done in the past is this. We loaded up a picnic basket with bottles of red and white. We bought an insulated bottle holder to keep the white wines cool. We also kept our reidel stemware in the basket(carefully wrapped in towels). Keep in mind that we did this when it was lovitts, not schwa but can't imagine that they would mind.