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Mar 5, 2008 05:43 AM

Need a good place to have pizza in Park City

We are going to be in Park City, UT late March and want to celebrate the birthday of one the kids in our party that is turning 9. Can anyone suggest a good place for this. And maybe an alternative kid friendly place that is not necessarily pizza?

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  1. First, how many are in your party and how many of them are kids?
    Off the top of my head, most of the pizza places in town are little joints,or not really family places, so a "party" may not work. There's Main Street Pizza and Pasta. I haven't eaten there in quite awhile, so I can't comment on the pizza quality.
    As for alternative kid friendly places, the one place that I see lots of families with kids at is Loco Lizard, out at Kimball Junction. It's Mexican food, but more than just your standard tacos and burritos. They are pretty adept at doing groups.

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      Just 5 kids. Not a big group really. Thanks for your suggestion as to Mexican.That may be a better idea than pizza.
      Can you recommend a bakery for the birthday cake?

      1. re: mom2mateo

        Well, I'd still go with the Loco Lizard. Our pizza places aren't that great that would be kid-friendly.
        You hit another one - a bakery. Park City definitely isn't known for bakeries. There is one - Windy Ridge - but they are higher end things and don't really do birthday cakes that I know of. Honestly, every time I think of a birthday cake I've had up here, it's either been homemade or probably from The Market in Park City (one of our supermarkets). But, it's a kids' cake, so I think something from The Market would suffice.