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Mar 5, 2008 05:19 AM

Where to Snowboard (1st time in Utah) and where to eat THIS weekend!

Hi! So, I'm coming to Utah for the FIRST time to snowboard and am really excited. I think I'm going to Snowbird. I am a beginner- more intermediate snowboarder and have never been out west for snow. Do you think Snowbird is good for me? I will be in town for friday and saturday. Will it be too busy on the slopes? Is there another mountain you would recommend?

Also, what is good to eat around here? Open to all cuisines except asian. I will be staying near the airport but w/ car so don't mind driving. So far, on this board, I've heard about Red Iguana and Al Forno's which seem decent. Any other suggestions? In SLC and near the slopes? Thanks to all!

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  1. In order to keep this thread on-topic, please limit your replies to the good eats. Snowboarding tips are considered off-topic for our forums.

    Thank you!

    1. Snowbird has quite a few food options, but I have only eaten there for Sunday Brunch, which is VERY good, but if you want to travel out of the canyon first there are a few decent places to eat near the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon (snowbird is up little cottonwood canyon, about 6 miles south of big cottonwood. Brighton and Solitude are up Big Cottonwood). My favorite is Tuscany. There is a restaurant and a "private club" which just means they can serve alcohol without food. The private club area is also a bit more casual, so a good choice after skiing. If you want to go even more casual Porcupine Pub and Grill is pretty good. It does get quite busy with apres ski crowd. And if you are looking for extremeley casual Cottonbottom is a little bar with great garlic burgers. Their menu is very limited. They serve potato chips with their burgers, fries are not even an option. They are located right across the street from Tuscany.

      Downtown my favorite non-asian places are Acme Burger Company, Settebello Pizza, Stoneground (pizza and pub fare), Bambara, Tin Angel, and Lamb's Cafe.

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        Pretty much spot on recs there. A few more convenient to the canyons:

        Taste of Punjab at 8600 S and 1300 E is worth the trek, especially the lunch buffet.

        Franck's, in the backyard at Tuscany. Might be the best higher dollar place in town right now. Unique and masterful sauces.

        While I'm most definitely a Red Iguana fan, I've also come to appreciate a good portion of the menu at Mi Ranchito around 2700 S and State. Killer Pico De Gallo

        And let no discussion of SLC ethnic go without a huge nod to Mazza's 2 locations.
        Killer Middle Eastern fare with a Lebanese bent.