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Mar 5, 2008 03:33 AM

Filipino restaurants in Providence?

Hi CHrs,
I will be in Providence this weekend with some guests and we would like to find out if there are Filipino restaurants in the Rhode Island area, then we drive up to CT at the casino, so really, we want to find out Filipino restaurants in the New England area, I heard that there was a good one in Quincy, Ma called the JnJ restaurant, and heard of a chinese-filipino place in maine, but i do not have the name or location. Pls, needs your recs?

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  1. Great question. I'm not aware of any in the Providence or larger RI area. The last Filipino restaurant I have seen was in Jersey City, NJ... I haven't seen any in New England at all, come to think of it, but I haven't been actively looking.

    Let us know if you do! Sorry!

    - Garris

    1. Unfortunately, there is no filipino restaurant in providence nor any in Rhode Island.