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Mar 5, 2008 02:24 AM

Coming to Phoenix for a wedding.....

The DC chow board is always so helpful with restaurants in my area, so I'm hoping some Phoenix hounds can help me out now!

We're coming to Phoenix on the 27th for 4 days for a wedding. We're staying at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Resort. I have heard so much about Pizzeria Bianco and was really excited to try it. However, I called yesterday for a reservation for that Thursday night for a group of 6, but they were already booked up. I don't know about hangin' for a 2-3 hour wait when we just flew across country!

So, we need some other options. I would love something with a cool, upbeat, atmosphere. We're a group that loves atmosphere and great food. I really have no type of cuisine in mind (or any that I would rule out), just something really good!!

Can anyone help us?

Not sure if we'll be renting a car or just cabbin' it, so help on distance/location would be helpful, too.


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  1. I really recommend that you brave the 2-3 hour wait, regardless of frequent flier miles. The pizza is that good. Besides, noshing at the bar next door makes the hours fly. Have a drink. Grab some olives. Good food takes time.

    1. The Phoenix metro area is HUGE, so renting a car is a good idea, especially where you are staying. Getting around isn't too hard, but renting a car with a nav system is a good idea. For the money you will be spending on cabs, you'll probably easily cover the cost of a car. It will also open up your dining options immensely.

      There have been quite a few "we're visiting from xxx" threads recently, so you can probably search back a bit and find some good ideas. PB is really good, but if you don't want to hang around for for a few hours, there are options for all price ranges.

      1. If you want something close for lunch or dinner there is Basis just down the hill from the Point. Nice neighborhood place, new american cusine.

        We had a prewedding group there (Wedding was at the Point) and everyone loved it.

        The Hilton van will take you and pick you up if you ask them.

        1. Otherwise if you have a car, I would take the group to the Waterfront in New/Old town Scottsdale. At least 10 dining options within a very short walk from each other. Good fun place in the evening.