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Mar 4, 2008 10:04 PM

Feeling a little wind-swept by Typhoon

Anyone else feel a little sponged by Typhoon? I ordered food to go from them tonight; 4 entrees for a total of $70 which really surprised me. Actually, what truly rankled was that I ordered two dishes with a thin sauce (the striped bass and a chicken curry) and it hadn't occurred to me to ask for rice; I presumed the entree would be served complete with a starch -- that is something to "carry" the sauce. At the least were that not the restaurant's custom, I would have expected the aberrant style to be explained as a precautionary service. My expectation of assistance in the ordering was not met as I was never prompted regarding my obvious omission; what came to our table was an incomplete take-out meal .... at $70.

The bass was really very delicious, but it certainly should have been at $30.00 While I've little doubt some will consider me wholly at fault for not inquiring as to the price in advance, I'm afraid it had not occurred to me either. Frankly I just do feel that a quick mention of a sticker price more than twice that of the rest would have been a useful customer service. Another nice touch would have been if they had even charged me at the rate advertised online?! Nope.

So just exactly how culpable am I in my irritation here? I'm willing to believe this unhappiness is pretty much wholly my fault, I guess. But I thought maybe I would check with you knowledgeable gourmands as to whether my expectations are truly out of line. Any thoughts? Any similar experiences to share from there?

BTW, independent of price, I would recommend the striped bass for sure. It was truly special, if not in my opinion quite worth that sticker price. At $14 each our other choices (pad tai, moo shoo (chkn), chicken coc. curry) were of even more dubious value as they were certainly good, just not superb. I've no doubt, to be fair, the dishes all suffered from the sub-par and sub-temperature paper carton presentation.

I guess Typhoon charges a premium for the view, and sans that the premium can be unjustifiable. grump.

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  1. I was a little confused when I read this, so I went and looked at the online menu. To save others the trouble, I'll summarize:

    The price for the bass is "varies".
    The listed price for pad thai is $11, chicken coconut curry is $13, and moo shoo chicken isn't on the menu but moo shoo pork is $13 also.
    Steamed rice is listed on the menu for $2.
    They also claim on their webpage and menu that "items and prices are subject to change without notice".

    So the OP is mad that (a) the bass was more than he wanted to pay, (b) that he was charged an extra buck or three for each of the other entrees, and (c) that rice wasn't included with the $14-30 entrees.

    My take on it:
    (a) $30 isn't out of line, given the other prices listed on the menu, for a whole striped bass. (Many other dishes are $17-20). You blew it on this one; you should have asked. Personally, I think that restaurants should mention the price of $varies items when you order them, but that doesn't seem to be the custom, so I always ask. Or avoid them.
    (b) The "prices subject to change without notice" line is a cop-out. Online menus should be even easier to update than print menus. At the very least they should have given you the online price when you mentioned that they were overcharging you. But even that is pretty lame: they should fix their menus.
    (c) I am of the opinion that, when you walk into a place and order a full meal that is intended to be eaten with steamed rice, then rice should be included with the price of the meal. Adding a couple bucks per person for rice, or doling out this staple in tiny, overpriced bowls is nickel-and-diming, and nickel-and-dimers tend to lose my business. If they need to up the price of the entrees in order to make a profit, then they should do that. But they should include the rice. Failing to tell you that rice wasn't included (and ask if you wanted to buy some rice) just adds insult to injury.

    (Can you imagine ordering a taco plate and paying extra for the tortillas? I didn't think so. Rice is an integral part of the meal. Or, hey, even better: "Would you like noodles with your lasagna, for $2 extra?")

    So I won't be going to Typhoon, other than to find that elusive geocache that is hidden somewhere near the stairwell. Not that it was high on my list of places to try anyway...

    1. Felt I have to chime in here. We eat at Typhoon frequently due to it's close proximity to the office. I have to say overall I really like the food. It's very fresh and tasty. Try the Kimchi. That being said, service is consistently poor...slow, have to ask for everything. The other day, we ordered Crab cakes and needed a magnifier to find them on the plate, ditto the scoop of ice cream with the chocolate cake. I also hate that they serve a nice red in a stupid little glass. For the price you think they could be a tad more generous. It's a hangout for private pilots and it certainly does have a great view!

      1. Just thought I'd post an update that they refused to honor the online pricings they listed. Geesh. I felt incredibly trivial asking, but exactly how petty is it that they wouldn't even grant it?! Nice view and closeness aside, we'll pass forever more. For that price we could have had superb sushi with an even better view up top!