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Mar 4, 2008 08:40 PM

25th Birthday dinner for group-recommendations please, nothing cheesy!

Hi, Im looking for somewhere to have my 25th birthday dinner/drinks. We will probably have a group of 15 or so. Used to try out all the new spots but I moved to Westchester last year so i am a little bit out of the loop for new restaurants. Any suggestions for somewhere with good food and drinks. Doesnt need to be rowdy, would like somewhere where they will let us linger a bit though. Prix Fixe would be fine, probably want to keep it in the 50-70 dollar range per person either way.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Any preference for cuisine, location, etc.? Also, keep in mind that with a group that size, you may have to discuss a menu in advance, depending on where you want to go.

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      No real preference for cuisine. For location i would like to stay below 55th street. I know that doesnt help much! This group is used to spending a lot of money at bars etc. for friends birthday and i just prefer a dinner. I like an atmosphere like Otto, i just dont think their food is that good. Considering Inoteca, bar stuzzichini, Le Souk, La Esquina, open to anything else thats newer. Doesnt need to be as "cool" as Waverly Inn but something fun.

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        I moved to Westchester too last year and I feel a little out of the loop but here are some suggestions: There is Tao on East 58th Street which is a fun atmosphere, trendy but not ridiculously expensive. Great drinks, a social scene for a party but not as 'cool' as Waverly Inn. Service can be spotty at times but it is still a good destination. There is also Stanton Social on the LES which is great for groups. Food is great, 20s/30s crowd, - a nice mix of food, music and a restaurant/lounge atmosphere. In the meat packing district - Spice Market, Vento, Highline or even One. I recently ate at Woo Lae Oak in Soho - a Korean barbecue type place that might be different yet fun. All of these places are more restaurant than bar so it might be just what you are looking for.

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          Le souk is horrible. Otto is gourmet compare to them.

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            Inoteca's a good choice, and the $35/39 pre-fixe menu they foist on larger groups actually do provide a good variety of food.
            Here's my review about 6 weeks ago:

            Other places hounders like include Alta.

        2. I think Bar Stuzzichini is a great option for a group. Also, Little Owl is a good choice if you can get a table that large. It's intimate, but see a really great atmosphere and great food.

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              I think Crispo is a good idea. They're used to celebrations there. Ask them to seat you in their heated garden.

            2. This is the third time I've tried to post, and each time I hit the wrong button, so if three slightly similar posts suddenly appear, I apologize to everyone!!! That said, here goes (again).

              I know that this is a bit more pricey than you asked for, but hear me out. I had a wonderful birthday party for 8 in January at Alcala (342 e 46th). Spanish/Basque/Tapas. Lovely atmosphere, we could talk without thumping bass. The owner was wonderful with me as I asked about wine that was reasonably priced and not too oaky,15 minutes before the others arrived. He had some lovely stuff. And the food was great! Every one was happy.

              With friends paying for my birthday meal and booze (we did not go a la carte for food, and some drinks were singletons) everyone go away at $80 per person. I'll go back.

              The have a back garden for parties, but it is usually for 25 or more, but their helpful web site gives you all the details. You will probably be in the main dining area, which is great. Not teeny or huge and very comfy. Basically, give them a call and they will tell you the truth. If you can't be in the back, you may want to go on to a more rowdy place after, but this is wonderful for being able to talk and eat good food. I am sure they could try to work with you regarding a prix fixe deal.

              They aren't the newest trendy place, but they've been doing tapas/spanish for a while and do it really well.