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Mar 4, 2008 08:38 PM

best brunch for mom in the plateau (ish) area....

It's my mother's bday on sunday and we often go for brunch and then a movie. Last year there was M sur masson. She has some food restrictions (must be on the soft/non spicy side) so a place with eggs/fish/tasty sweet stuff is preferable. Any ideas?? Am thinking about Lemeac..

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  1. I've heard Lemeac is great but have never gone - my favorite is Reservoir (On Duluth and St. Laurent)... and it fits the description of what you want to a tee! I once had salmon with cream of watercress sauce there for brunch that was so good I've gone back over and over to see if they'd repeat it. The ambiance is great too.

    Happy birthday to your mom :)

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      Thanks for the rec (and wishes)--I might go with that since our party is now of 8 people including a couple of kids and i'm uncertain how kid friendly Lemeac will be--ate there last night by fluke (after 10 so figured I'd try the 22$ apres 10 hype). The herring app was killer--with yellow beets/little potatoes/frisee salad. The entrecote came in two pieces--one perfect and the other fatty and chewy--weird. My buddy had the duck which was excellent--the highlight was being propositioned by the somewhat inebriated couple seated to our right. The bill still came to 100 all in with two glasses of wine so I think I prefer L'express for late night fare--anyway thanks again and i'll post my review of the brunch we ended up at later.

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        As much as I am a Reservoir fan, I am a little concerned that their dining room might be a little bit crampy for 8 people. Maybe you can call ahead to see if they can accommodate you, perhaps a table in the upstairs room. IMHO their brunches are the best in town. Very innovative, top notch ingredients, and fair prices. Also, their menu changes weekly, so if you call ahead to make a reservation you might tell about the dietary restrictions and see if they will have something for your mom.

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          Side note: the food at Reservoir is great, but double-check the bill at the end (you should do this anyway, in any restaurant). Last time I was there for brunch (about a month ago), our tab was overcharged $5, and the couple we were with were overcharged $14.

    2. My experience at Lemeac was good, although that was a long time ago. I'm sure you will have plenty space for your big party and good selection for your mom's food restrictions.