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Mar 4, 2008 08:19 PM

March 2008 - Grocery Outlet

Well, I DID wait for someone else to post

Heirloom Farms 100% juice raspberry pomegranite juice 33 oz $1.99 ... good
Woodstock Farms large can of whole peeled tomatoes w/basil 99 cents ... haven't tried yet
Aidell's red pepper and corn sausage $2.99 ... haven't tried yet
Kosher beef franks 79 cents ... good
Three Thieves small jug syrah $1.99 ($9.99 at Raley's) ... good

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  1. But I'm really glad you did, thanks.

    1. Among other things at the Oakland GO today:

      Mayan Chocolate and Black Raspberry Chip Haagen Daze ($1.49); they also had Triple Chocolate
      Nature Path Oatmeal -- several different styles and flavors, 8 serving boxes, $1.99
      De Checco dried pastas, several different types, I got the tricolor Rigate, 99 cents
      There was a Spanish EVOO at $6.99 a liter
      Hershey's Single Origin cacao reserve squares, $1.99/bag
      Scharffen Berger 72 percent bittersweet chocolate, 99 cents

      1. Jones root beer and cream soda in cans, 6-pk for .99 cents.

        1. OK, this is the mother of all GO bargains. At the San Pablo store Haagen Dazs coconut sorbet is 50 cents a pint.

          Some of them are icy on the outside, but there are also some in good condition. This flavor would normally not appeal to me at all ... but 50 cents. It's is nice and light and refreshing.

          I saw the Heirlooms Farms Juice mentioned in the OP for $1.99 selling at Raley's for $5.29 a bottle.

          The Aidell's red pepper and corn sausage was ok, but probably wouldn't get it again. San Pablo has four types currently with my favorite the habenero.

          And if you see that black raspberry chip ice cream that Ruth mentioned, it is great ... probably one of Haagen Dazs' best flavors.

          1. Ok, this probably beats the 50 cent Hageen Daz ... well, not quality wise ... but

            Angel Juice boxed white wine $1.99 at the San Pablo store. Only a few boxes left.
            For a boxed white, really this is one of the better, IMO, but ... ya know ... boxed wine ... that's not saying a lot. Great for cooking or stuff like sangria. I bought it at the lofty price of $3.99 a few weeks back in Oakland and have been pleased with it. I bought a few extra boxes at this price ... that's 49 1/4 cents per liter (4 in a box). It isn't bad straight either. I did leave off what variety of white wine it was because it tastes nothing like what it is but more like a sauvignon blanc ... ok, here it is reisling.

            Kraft refridgerated white horseradish 79 cents.
            Not a lot of junk in it like some at higher prices ... horseradish, vinegar, salt, soybean oil, natural flavor ... it is almost impossible to find bottled horseradish without soybean oil.

            Lindt Pistacho bars 99 cents

            More flavors of Adell's sauasages at San Pablo store $2.99

            This is out and out the best Aidell's sausge I tried to date. I think the plain mango is pretty bland ... but this just so works ... nice habenero burn and then hitting sweet pieces of mango ... yeah, would definately buy this again. Must be new. It's not on their website

            Not a lot of tomato flavor and sort of like a medium heat Italian sausage. Might not be bad with some sauce on a bun. Might buy it again

            This in no way matches the description ... "chicken and turkey sausage to the brim-sweet potatoes, maple sugar and a hint of vanilla. Bacon and smoke create a hearty counterpoint" Surprisingly little flavor. NO smoke or bacon taste that I could detect ... or sweet potato. It has a touch of maple sweetness. I'll see after finishing the pack if I'd buy this again. It is not a bad sausage, but like the apple and regular mango not too interesting.

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              I got an email from GO the other day, saying there would soon have a store in Novato.

              1. re: OldTimer

                I checked today and the target date for opening the GO in Novato is April 23. Keep your fingers crossed.