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Mar 4, 2008 08:14 PM

Ulah's Bistro

Has anyone been to this new U St. restaurant yet?

The menu seems interesting and eclectic. Ulah has the same owners as Stoney's.

Here's the website:

I might go there for dinner with a friend in a few weeks...interested in what's good on the menu.

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  1. My wife and I went to the grand opening night and plan to go back soon. Ulah is a great addition to our neighborhood. It is bar and grill type place but not really a DC dining destination -- more like an upscale Stoney's/Tunniclifs. We actually laughed when we saw the valet outside just because it didn't seem right for the type of place it is. The restaurant is really sharp looking and has a cool space with two floor and two bar areas -- great place to stop for a bite to eat after work or and a beer and meal before a show. They have excellent beer and wine options -- I had Fuller's ESB on tap and Amy had a glass of New Zealand Sauv Blanc. As you can see from the website, the menu has a lot of choices and price points. We had a difficult time deciding on food because of the all the options but chose sandwiches as it was a week night and we were in a hurry -- I know, boring. The turkey burger was big and juicy and chicken panino was good but a little dry and, disappointingly, not pressed. Our favorite part of the meal was the comped salty flat bread and olive tapenade. We devoured the entired basket. We had great service from Seth who was clearly trying to impress. If you go, let us know what else is good on the menu!

    1. I think I'm going here tonight. Any more reviews? Has anyone had the turkey burger? (Btw, speaking of turkey burgers I had a surprisingly very good one a Bar Louie a couple of weeks ago.)

      1. I've been wanting to check out Ulah and when i had a friend in from town Sat. nite, it seemed like the perfect choice. Overall, considering the prices, the food wasn't that bad. We both had the salad and sandwich versions of steak and blue cheese. The blue cheese was so mild though that i could barely taste it and the steak was overly seasoned. The service, however, was straight out of a comedy sketch. Our server began with the soup du jour schpeal and actually cut himself off by saying the soup was downright nasty and to not get it. We were seated by the front door, so we saw him take his multiple cig breaks right in front of us and while clearing our plates, he dropped everything he was carrying and dropped some expletives as well. During all of this, the restaurant sound system was playing some of the worst hits from the 80s (and yes, Xanadu was one of them). At Ulah you'll pay a little bit less than Marvin's or Tabaq but come prepared with a sense of humor and don't expect much in the wow department.

        1. I went to Ulah for dinner last night. It so wasn't what I expected at all. The restaurant itself is quite nice---nice wood table and bar. Has a very new, clean, fresh look to it. I was totally expecting it to be more low end/divy but its not. Which makes it nice since the menu is cheap but the surronding and service could fit right into a moderatly priced place like Creme etc.

          Both me and my friend got the turkey burger. It was a very tasty burger on a nice, homemade looking bun. We skipped the fries (trying to be healthy) and got a nice summer vegetable saute on the side. The burger was only $8, quite a bargain considering the prices burgers seem to be these days. We had 2 glasses of pinot noir. The total bill including tip came to a little under $40...not bad at all. Service was good. The place got filled up pretty quickly.

          The table next to us had the artichoke dip which looked rich, creamy and delicious.

          I would certainly return. I nice addition to the neighborhood.

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            Four of us went to dinner here last week. We had a table upstairs, and the meal started off well. But, after a short while a group of what looked like 18-year-olds took over the couch area under the windows, drank a lot, and the scene began to look like spring break. The food was just ok (my chicken dish was the worst of the bunch). The worst was yet to come, though. After we finished our meal (appetizers, dinners, and dessert -- with wine and beer) and had just paid our tab, a "manager" in a tie came over and very pointedly asked us if everything was ok. We nodded yes, and without smiling or saying anything else, he turned around and went downstairs. It was clear that he was asking us to leave to make room for other diners. I was appalled. Since we were with relatives, I chose not to speak to the manager, but I will likely not go back.

          2. 7 of us for dinner here tonight for my wife's birthday. Most of us ordered pizza. I'm a pizza snob from NY, make my own, yadda-yadda, but I have to say pizza was quite flavorful, nice pliable crust, good toppings, the whole 9 yards for $12. Waitress (from Belarus) volunteered to take our pictures and brought a birthday dessert unsolicited. Sat next to a bunch of guys in dresses . . . not that there's anything wrong with guys in dresses, of course. One of us also enjoyed the Fuller's ESB; I had the Leffe Belgian. Two bottles of Pinot Blanc went down nicely. All in all, quite a hit.