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Mar 4, 2008 07:47 PM

Best book for a cupcake [Moved from Food Media & News board]

I have been searching for a best cupcake recipe for a while. I bought the famous "Magnolia" bakery recipe book, but their recipe was way too sweet for me, and I thought they were dry also.

Does anyone know any good baking book?

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  1. I have the Cupcake! cookbook by Elinor Klivans, and think it's really good. I also have her Big Fat Cookies cookbook. Both offer nice, detailed recipes and some serious cupcake/cookie porn, I like to call it!

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      Thank you. I will check them out.

    2. You can essentially take any cake recipe you like and make them into cupcakes (reduce baking time to about 20-25 minutes). I personally really like the in the four-egg yellow cake recipe in the Joy of Cooking for cupcakes. It's not too sweet, and the folded-in whipped egg whites leaves the cupcakes soft and fluffy.

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        You are 100% correct. I just made cupcakes from Joy of Cooking as well, I used 1/2 of the sour cream cake recipe and baked for 25 minutes. It made 6 nice sized cupcakes and they were moist. I used a scaled down frosting recipe from Joy of Cooking as well. The were a huge hit. Any great cake recipe will work.

      2. I have that cookbook too. I have done a head-to-head comparison with my family recipe and the CI recipe as well and it's not that different. The way I've found to make all three good is to just barely finish cooking them. If they seem done in the oven, they are overcooked. When just barely finished, the recipe isn't dry at all. Unfortunately this doesn't mitigate the sweet factor... but I like 'em sweet!

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          Ah! I should take them out before finish cooking them. I can control the sugar amount, but I always had dry problem. Thanks!