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Mar 4, 2008 07:38 PM

Sushi - What are you ordering?

It seems that a lot of us have one or two sushi places that we feel passionately about. Some are purists, others are into the fusion, and then there are those who seem to like the fast food sushi.

I know we have earlier topics about which sushi places are best, but I'm curious, what do you all order when you have sushi – do you have a favorite sushi meal – and then of course where do you go have it?

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  1. Omakase @Sushi Masu.

    1. i tend to like more of silver fishi (hikari) such as saba, shima aji, kohada, iwashi, sayori etc.

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      1. re: rickym13

        I'm with you on this one. For me, the oily fish are where it's at. Heck, even salmon might fall into this category. Places that immediately come to mind are Shibucho and Hirozen.

        That being said, I also like toro. Great chutoro and otoro can be had at places like Mori and Ike.

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          Mori really distinguishes himself with his preparation of kohada, sayori, and aji. The oil is carefully controlled so the taste is pristine and sweet. He's never had to mask his oily fish with scallions, ginger, or spicy daikon oroshi... so you can appreciate the perfecting timing of his marinade.

            1. re: rickym13

              11500 W Pico Blvd
              Los Angeles, CA, 90064
              (310) 479-3939

              1. re: rickym13

                since everyone's raving about Mori... how would you say compare them with Sushi Gen for example? do they offer omakase?

                1. re: kelvlam

                  Not only do they offer it, but it's required for parties of 6 or more (at least, they used to).

            2. re: SauceSupreme

              SauceSupreme... how many places you know of actually serve Otoro that's REALLY Otoro? :-)

              I love this blog that show you what's what - maguro vs chutoro vs o-toro :-D

              1. re: kelvlam

                you havent had toro till you've had kama-toro

                mmmmmmm and friggin expensive

                1. re: frank828

                  You've definitely "hooked" me (excuse the expression) regarding kama-toro. Never heard of by me, until your post. This thread is so good, that I'm saving it for future reference.---and needless to say, I am incredibly anxious (should I be so lucky) to try kama-toro. I'd love to hear where you've been able to order it.

                  1. re: JeffW

                    unfortunately i havent found somewhere that normally stocks it.

                    i was lucky to get some from maki zushi(tustin) when i was celebrating a friend's birthday there.

                    That night he had some kama toro(very little, enough for about 4 pieces) and live lobster.

                    I had to call in advance and tell Yoshi(head sushi chef) that i wanted the lobster that night. He regularly goes to the fish market at 4am and picks out his own fish.

                    If you wanna try, you might wanna call and make a reservation and also ask the sushi chef if they could get you the kama toro.

                    1. re: frank828

                      Thank you for somewhat of a lead. I'm not familiar with Tustin, so I don't know if I'll get to maki zushi, but I'm friendly with enough sushi chefs, that I can ask them if kama toro is something that they can get for a future visit. So thanks again for the tip of asking in advance.

                      1. re: JeffW

                        i found another spot that has kama toro.

                        a little traditional japanese gem in walnut/diamond bar called Jubei. I ordered the omakase there last night and i was treated with the first and fourth slice of his kama toro. mmmmmm

                          1. re: wilafur


                            damn westsider. i want some zo!

                          2. re: frank828

                            you just order omakase and they give you kama toro?! :-o

                            do you mind sharing... what $-range is that place :-)

                            I live in walnut... hmmmmmm I really should scout around local first :-p

                            I didnt' have a chance to try Sushi Koyo yet.. but I've heard many good word about them in diamond bar area.

                            Sushi Koyo
                            868 N Diamond Bar Blvd, Diamond Bar, CA 91765

                            Jubei Japanese Cuisine
                            20627 Golden Springs Dr # 2K, Walnut, CA

                            1. re: kelvlam

                              well i spent 90 buck per person after tax and tip. that included the sushi, one green tea ice cream order of 4 kumamoto and 3 large kirin beers(180 total for both of us).

                              when he started off the meal with the kama toro, he didnt mention what it was at all. if i didnt ask him later, i dont think i would have really even known. i just assumed that it couldnt be kama toro. when i asked him he told me that it was and then i asked for another piece. :)

                              kin-san tells me that he usually gets his fresh fish on thur or friday. i went on saturday and i got the first slice off his slab.

                              1. re: frank828

                                awesome tips, thx frank828! that place is just 10mins away from my home. I shall venture there on Sat!!! :-D

                        1. re: frank828

                          I'm asking Yoshi to hook me up on my birthday. Kama toro sounds delish. How expensive is it at Maki Zushi frank828?

                          1. re: FoodieKat

                            i dont remember exactly, we didnt really ask about prices we just took everything he gave us haha

                            i THINK it was around 12 bucks a piece haha crazy.

                            i really dont remember though, i'd pay 12 bucks a piece though personally. If anything, i thikn its cheaper than that

                            1. re: frank828

                              Personally, I think even most of the stuff listed as 'market price' on Maki Zushi's specials menu is still pretty reasonable. I just wanted to have an idea of what I was getting into beforehand. ;)

                      1. re: frank828

                        I was just about to ask what the heck is kama toro :-p ... best I had is o-toro only.

                        OMG that picture of the toro... I almost fainted!

                        thx so muck frank828!!! I shall hunt for kama-toro!!!!!!

                2. Hey, I forget, what is in season right now? What would be the best to order for time of year?

                  Me, If it's in seson, I like live sweet shrimp and fresh uni from SB. I also can dig live octopus and fresh mackerel. I tend to stick to nigiri and sashimi.

                  one icky theme roll I tend to break down and get is anything baked on a cali roll., God knows why I love it, the Big Mac of theme sushi. I ask the itame to make it on a crab roll or something, rather than the cali roll. I also ask if he can do me an eel cucumber roll, covered in more eel, with eel on the side. I love eel. Maybe a little eel to follow. Or rest the whole thing on a bed of eel.

                  If I can get good ankimo, I like that. House of Taka does these interesting things called stuffed tomotoes or stuffed oranges, not fruit, but "flowers" of tuna or salmon stuffed with spicy stuff.

                  Still, I really enjoy blowing a wad of cash on fresh, flavorful sashimi. I try to go to ASanebo for that, as his oily fish, white fish and everything is the freshes and tastiest I've found. He also has that house made seasme tofu, which is creamy and addictively yummy.

                  At 4 on 6, I can find a few fish not anywhere else. They ahve a good selection of oily fish.

                  I rarely eat sushi outside of the SFV. So far, I just have rarely made the trip. I did go to Sushi go 55 or whatever. It was good, but for the same price I paid, I could have had a better meal at Asanebo, without the trip.

                  Then again, Fugetsudo and that lovely bakery are not so close to Asanebo!

                  I would like to try more, though.

                  1. There is a very delicious item at Sushi Ike, but you can only eat it at the bar and you have to eat it in one bite or they scold you. It is very, very quickly seared salmon on rice and it is PERFECTION. They will not carry it to a table because they say if it isn't eaten in 10 seconds it changes. I want to eat one right now. Damn.

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                    1. re: EliAnnKat

                      R23 has the seared salmon their written menu. So good . . .

                    2. Omakase at Kiriko for lunch. Great deal -- $35 for some of the highest quality stuff in L.A. My favorites are their salmon (which they smoke themselves and top with a small dollop of caviar), all of their ao-zakana (the blue fish - iwashi, aji, etc.), and their seared toro.