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Mar 4, 2008 06:38 PM

Please tell me where to get good dessert in Yardville, Trenton or Princeton..

I miss michele Lories and need to get a good fix of dessert when I visit in 2 weeks where should I go?

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  1. The Bent Spoon in Palmer Square in Princeton. Cupcakes to die for, and all the baked goods are terrific. Sorbets are stellar, gelato is very good (but not really gelato).

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      The Petite Chef on Tulane street in Princeton does excellent desserts although it is primarily take out.

    2. This is an extremely timely post for me. I need to pick up a birthday cake today. Any good bakery in Trenton?

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        I know of the Village Bakery in Lawrenceville.

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          We got a great last-minute birthday cake at Wegman's on Rt.1 -- pick up one of their wonderful "Ultimate Chocolate Cakes" and have them write something on it.

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            The Ultimate Chocolate Cake from Wegmans is absolutely fabulous. Had this a few weeks ago for a friends birthday. You won't be sorry if you like chocolate. Wegmans also makes at Ultimate Carrot Cake that is supposed to be just as good. Mendokers in Jamesburg is also a very good bakery.

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              I agree about the Ultimate Chocolate Cake. To me it tastes like a very decadent and adult version of Tastykake Chocolate Cupcakes.

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              I brought their fruit tart to a brunch. The crust was a little too sweet in my opinion, but the fruit and custard part was really wonderful.

          2. There used to be a French pastry place on Route 33 in Hamilton Twp. in one of the strip malls near the Route 130 end. I can’t remember its name or even know if its still there, but they did have great pastries and baked goods. Maybe another CH can fill in the blanks.

            Barbero’s bakery is also very good and they’re also located on Route 33, but at the other end off of Whitehorse/Mercerville Ave. They’re sort of behind Appleby’s at the intersection of 33 and W/M Ave.

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              Yes, Barbero's is good (I'm eating a slice of their Sicilian twist bread as I type). Hoffman's in Allentown on Main St. is good too and only 5 miles from Yardville. Also on Main St. in Allentown is a little tea room open only in the afternoons. My wife stopped there for lunch one day and also had tea and a scone. I'll have to try it. Nino's on Quakerbridge Rd in a strip mall at Youngs has the best Italian cookies etc. I was looking for the French pastry place on 33 a month or so back and could not find it. It was top notch.