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Mar 4, 2008 06:15 PM

Need restaurant walking distance to Pantages Theater

I am going to see Wicked this Saturday night with my husband and forgot about reservations for a restaurant. I want someplace where I can walk so we don't have to park the car twice. Not looking for a super expensive place, but somewhere with good food. Also, I need to be able to get 6pm reservations for this Saturday.
thanks for any recommendations!

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    1. If I were you, I'd avoid Charcoal at all costs. Good places I've tried in that area are Off-Vine (on De Longpre, just east of Vine) and Los Balcones del Peru. Also, if you like sushi & related food, I've heard good things about Katsuya at the corner of Hollywood & Vine.

      1. Some others not seemingly mentioned either at all, or seldom, would include Bowery or Magnolia, both on Sunset just east of Vine, south side of the street. North side across from them is the new Waffle, which serves all 3 meals, not just breakfast( Also, the new Melograno on Hwd Blvd a few blocks west of Vine Street ( If you do a search on this board, all of them have been reviewed fairly recently in some fashion or another.
        Make reserves asap for that hour on Saturday. Check and see what it might have to share as well, including the making of the reservation if your selection is offered, and I think many of the suggestions are on opentable.

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          We just did the Wicked thing a few weeks ago. After some research here and there, we ended up going to Hungry Cat and were very happy with the food and service.Plus, its just a few blocks from the Pantages. If you like seafood, a raw bar, and an excellent drink menu at reasonable prices, you can't go wrong.

        2. Magnolia and Bowery are right next to each other on Sunset just east of Vine. Hungry Cat is also a good option. Those would be your best bets.

          1. The parking structure of the Sunset+Vine complex offers reasonable parking prices, and Hungry Cat will even validate if you end up there.

            (Local secret: there are some nights when the gate guard isn't there at 3am and you can leave the structure for free.)

            Seriously, though, the Pantages/Wicked threads need to be merged and stickied.