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Mar 4, 2008 06:13 PM

International Food Magazines

I'm trying to expand my food magazine collection beyond Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Fine Cooking, etc. I recently found two great magazines, Delicious (Australian) and Dish (New Zealand). They are absolutely spectacular. Does anyone have any suggestions on great food magazines not from the US?
I appreciate any feedback.
(I have found that subscribing to these magazines is an entirely different challenge!)

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    1. 2 suggestions...I love the glossy look of both of these. Subscriptions are pricey, though.

      Waitrose Food: (from the UK)

      and Vogue Entertaining + Travel: (from Australia

      1. I once saw and picked up a copy of the UK's "Olive". Very glossy etc. like Donna Hay. It was over $10 an issue too. Only saw it that one time at a gourmet type food store. I did enjoy reading it though.

        1. I like Elle a Table. My high school French from 20 years ago is sufficient to help me get the gist of the articles and the Internet is helpful for translating lists of ingredients. The photographs with new ideas for serving and decorating are outstanding. You can subscribe through Amazon.

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            There's a US edition of Gambero Rosso available, too, as well as of Cucina Italiana.

          2. Second Donna Hay and Australian Vogue.

            Also fantastic- Australian Gourmet Traveler.

            All are stunningly beautiful.